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jason_t_frontIn six weeks I’ve lost 11 pounds, over 4% of my body fat

Exercising and training hard has always been a part of my lifestyle. But with the customized nutritional consultation plan and supplements (100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3 and GCX10) from infinity fitness I have seen better results and faster progress than ever before. jason_t_sideIn six weeks I’ve lost 11 pounds, over 4% of my body fat, and have seen drastic improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall performance in the gym. As I continue to set new fitness goals, I will definitely keep using infinity fitness to reach them.

- Jason T 06/25/2014





I have had personal trainers in the past. Unfortunately, my last trainer moved out of the area. Since I live in a rural area, there has been no suitable replacement. I felt that my workouts haven’t been optimal. I really needed a push! Scott Mendelson with Infinity Fitness has given me that impetus. The workouts that he has given me are intense and challenging. I am doing more work in less time. I used to spend hours at the gym. Now I am there for an hour or less.

I never really took supplements before. (It was hard for me to find products that I could digest. It seems like all of the protein shakes have whey. My body can’t digest whey.) Muscle Synthesis Powder, and 100% MR do not have any whey! It is great to take something that doesn’t upset my system. I also take GCX10, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce Day Formula and Fat Reduce Night Formula. I feel like these supplements have helped tremendously with reducing body fat.

I have always disliked the “pink” weight stigma that women receive in the gym. I like to be strong and able to complete pull-ups and push-ups. Since I have been doing these workouts, I love the comments that I receive from kids that are 19-20 years old: “Your biceps are bigger than mine!” or “You are really ripped!” This feels great since I am 44 years old. Thanks Scott for pushing me through my slump!

- Patricia W 06/21/2014

Transformation from Body-Building to Triathlon…with a big thank you to Infinity Fitness

Brian MFellow athletes, purpose of this little content piece is to raise awareness of how large a roll the products from Infinity, can truly ‘fuel’ ones endurance, strength, interval and race day performance.

While being a ‘student’ (so I am no ‘Official Authority’, just a man who has had a variety of experiences in arena), I’ve always found for myself and the many Spinning students I’ve had during the last 14 years of teaching, that we can get the most benefits from our training by keeping our bodies in a constant state of Amino Acid flow. The muscles broken down in the last training session are then given their proper nutrients for growth and recovery.  Most of us are ‘on the go’ people, and it can be challenging to pre-load, load, post-load, and then continuously ‘feed’ our muscles all day and night. For myself, the Muscle Synthesis powder and 100% MR product lines have solved that challenge for me and many of my Spin students for the 10 years Scott Mendelson and I have been working together.

All my water has a blend of 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis in it all the time and the Muscle Synthesis capsules are used pre/post workout to ensure a constant flow of building/recovery blocks to the muscles themselves.

I have used his Vitamins, Fat Reduce FBO5 and Alpha Omega M3′s on and off for years, never really getting too serious about fat loss, but certainly maintaining myself while enjoying burgers and fries sometimes.

This February, for reasons unknown, I embarked on the current journey towards completing my first Triathlon up in West Point, NY on 8.18.  It is the Sprint distance, thus requires all-out effort for at least 1 hour 30 minutes.

Time to Lose Body Fat for Race Day Success

After consulting with Scott Mendelson about the need to really trim down from the 214 lb person I was in February, Scott provided the Fitness supplement plan and recommended nutrition schedule, which I lightly modified to fit into my timing, etc…and the results have been spectacular.  Currently at 184 lbs and probably racing in 5 days at 183 lbs has allowed me to do everything faster without loss of power as it was a pure body fat shed, while maintaining both muscle mass and strength.

In closing, the products from Infinityfitness.com can be incredibly effective for all athletes, not just bodybuilders and powerlifters.  How much confidence would you have if you knew you were feeding your muscles FOR THE ENTIRE TRAINING OR RACING session vs. just what you did pre/post?  It makes a world of difference, and for this 45 year old, my recovery rate after intense training is incredibly rapid.

I’d encourage all athletes, but certainly cyclists, swimmers, runners, Triathletes, etc, to experiment with how you can make these great tools work for you.

Enjoy the progress and thanks for listening.

- Brian M August, 2013

Going From 13% to 6.8% Body Fat in 12 Weeks!

Rich LMy name is Richard L and I am a certified master trainer that has been in the fitness industry for ten years. I had a very specific goal and was looking to drop body fat while keeping muscle mass. Scott provided me with a detailed custom nutrition plan designed to meet those goals. It was a pleasure communicating with Scott and he always answered my questions and gave great feedback promptly.

I was able to meet my fitness goals by eating only healthy, nutritious food while cutting out unnecessary supplements and shakes. My advanced supplement protocol included the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis powder and Alpha Omega M3.

I have never felt or looked better in my years of being involved in fitness. His nutritional knowledge has not only change my life but the life of my clients and the success of my business. I now consult with Scott on many of my clients nutritional needs and the outcomes have been outstanding. I can’t wait to see the results of my next goal come to life With the help of Scott’s nutrition plans.

- Rich L May 31, 2013

I am extremely happy with my fast results in such a short period of time.

Daniel RBy drinking Muscle Synthesis powder and 100% MR pre and post workout and between meals, and taking Alpha Omega M3 I have been able to get my results more quickly and can’t wait to see my progress in the future.

I’ve been working with Scott Mendelson from Infinity Fitness now for about 1 month and I am extremely happy with my fast results in such a short period of time. By taking advantage of Scott’s 12 week training and nutrition plan and using Dr. Serrano’s advanced supplements I have been able to decrease my body fat percentage and increase my strength. I can already see a big difference in my physique. My workouts are extremely intense but only 30-40 minutes long which is a big change for me as I was usually in the gym for 2 hours at a time. By drinking Muscle Synthesis powder and 100% MR pre and post workout and between meals, and taking Alpha Omega M3 I have been able to get my results more quickly and can’t wait to see my progress in the future.

Thank you Scott and Dr. Serrano for all you have helped me accomplish so far!”

- Daniel R 05/20/2013

Infinity Fitness the place of choice when it comes to “Making fitness goals into reality” and they stand by what they mean.

antonio_combinedI started working with Scott H. Mendelson via phone and email and he ensured me that I would reach my goals if I followed sound instructions on the workouts and the nutrition plan that he prepared for me. At first I was skeptical on how this would work not being able to meet in person but I finally started to believe after he ask me to send him pictures of an out of shape body that I neglected in my off time, and that’s what caught my attention on how serious he was about what Infinity Fitness is all about…..

In August 2012 he introduce me to new gym routines and a new way of nutrition to change my eating habits. Starting off out of shape is always a mental part of training because you have to motivate yourself to believe in what can be done but also putting trust in something that is new for the first time. So after the first 6 weeks of following the exercise routines and nutrition plan I was amazed of the fast results:

First Phase
Week 1 >>>> Progression >>>> Week 6
Bench Press: 155lbs                     2351bs
Squats: 225lbs                             305lbs

Second Phase
Week 1                                         Week 6
Incline BB Press: 155lbs               175lbs (3sets) Reps (7,7,5)
Squats: 295lbs                             325lbs (4sets) Reps (8,8,8,8)

Third Phase
Week 1                                         Week 6
Bench Press: 245lbs                     305lbs
Squats: 345lbs                             405lbs

This is an example of how Scott of Infinity Fitness Helped me and were not done by far…. We are still in the process of reaching my goals and I will keep you all updated as I progress further down in my training….. by the way that’s a tad bit of what I had to do to reach theses results :-)
Thanks Scott and Infinity Fitness…..

Sincerely Yours,

- Antonio Williams (Track Athlete)  12/18/2012

40 pound Fat Loss in 6 weeks with Customized Program

Just a few short months ago I was floundering around trying to start a exercise regimen. I was out of shape, overweight and felt out of control. To make matters worse I had sprained my knee during too vigorous of a Jazzercise workout. I happened to mention my pain and frustration to a business colleague of mine, Bryan G, who I know is a person that takes fitness seriously. Bryan recommended that I contact Scott H. Mendelson of Infinity Fitness and provided me with his contact information.

He explained that I was doing too much cardio and not enough muscle building and that Scott could help me get on a fitness program to help me with my goals. I contacted Scott and he sent me a questionnaire that helped him to understand what he needed to put together for a personal fitness plan for me to lose fat and build muscle. He then sent me a 6 week weight training chart to use as my guide and outlined a meal program to follow.

I would alternate weight training and bicycling (one of my favorite means of exercise) every other day. Along with these guidelines he recommended that I add the dietary supplements Muscle Synthesis powder and 100% MR to help aide in Rapid Fat Loss/Muscle Recovery and Alpha Omega M3 to help with metabolism.

It is nearing the end of the first 6 weeks and I cannot begin to describe the metamorphosis that I have experienced!

I have dropped 40 lbs and and 4 dress sizes, I feel energetic and alive again! My business has benefited because of my increased energy and newly gained positive outlook. I never tire of how many people compliment me each day. I tell them all about the program and now my husband has decided that he is going to have Scott help him as well.

I cannot say enough about how happy I am with the Infinity Fitness Consultation and the program Scott has put together for me, it has changed my life for the better forever. I look forward to the next 6 weeks of training and the rest of my fit life. Thank you Scott!

– Josie R New Jersey 05/21/2013
Infinity Fitness Consultation Client

My Secret, is Scott..

I’ve been working with Scott Mendelson for over ten years now. I’m a 56 year old fitness fanatic while juggling a senior executive lifestyle, and have been working out since I was 19 years old. The results I have seen since working with Scott… both on the customized routines he creates for me, and the supplementation and revolutionary dietary recommendations he recommends… are far beyond not only my own expectations, but also to the ASTONISHMENT of everyone in my gym and in my personal life. I maintain 5-6% body fat, and EVERY SINGLE DAY (no exaggeration) people come up to me and ask how i do it. Not only in the gym, but I’ve had many people stop me on the street, in my local health food store, and even PULL OVER IN THEIR CARS to find out “my secrets”.

My Secret, is Scott (and through him, the dietary and supplementation wisdom of Dr. Serrano). I also credit, and would not think of going without their Muscle Synthesis, 100% MR, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce (even when I don’t need to lose fat I use it for energy and building lean muscle mass) and the incredible protein DigestA+Lean Protein.

Even at age 56, by own doctors cannot believe my “stats” and express disbelief that I maintain vital signs of an athletic 25 year old. I’m not kidding. Everyone in the gym… trainers, college athletes, men, women.. and especially anyone paying attention to aging and how to stay “beyond in shape”… in fact in elite athletic shape… cannot believe (nor seem to achieve) my results. And I know the reason why…. they don’t train following Scott’s customized routines , supplementation, and dietary programs. NOBODY in my age group, or even decades younger, come close to my results. But they COULD, I believe, by following Scott and Dr. Serrano’s advice and routines. (For a MAJOR dietary revelation, check out their new 5 1/2 hour seminar video!)

One of the main things people tend to notice and comment on is that I’m not only muscular, but I’m very vascular and cut. Vascularity is of course a key factor to good health, as excellent circulation is one of the things most people begin to lose with age, yet I continue to improve and thus my overall health is excellent and delivery of oxygen and nutrients are that of a very young person… in fact exceeding most of them. I also know that my intensity and focus are a big part of this; something I have developed over time due to the continually evolving routines and outstanding energy levels that allow me to work much harder, and recover much faster than almost anyone. After my most strenuous workouts (typically leg workouts), I’m literally almost crawling out of the weight room, yet I am bouncing with energy already by the time I leave the gym ten minutes later!

I could go on and on, but I think you get my message. I almost hate to reveal “my secrets”, but in fact I wish this fantastic elite health for anyone who is willing to commit to it. Give Scott a try… I GUARANTEE that, like me, you’ll still be a faithful follower a decade or two from now, and will be the star of your gym, and with anyone in your life who cares about abundant health, sculpted muscular bodies, and OBVIOUS fantastic health! Do it now!

- Bill G- Thousand Oaks California 10/07/2012

Having Scott’s direction behind you is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner

No one can guarantee that you will ever reach your fitness goals, and seeing the results of others does not convey rights to you relative to the same outcome; but I will say this– having Scott Mendelson as your trainer increases your odds of reaching your fitness goals dramatically, if you’re willing to put in the work. Having Scott’s direction behind you is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner. Your chances of winning increase exponentially. There’s no question in my mind that without Scott Mendelson’s direction and training blue print, I would never have reach the level of fitness I am enjoying today at age 47. Moreover, the thought of competing at an NPC men’s physique contest amongst competitors 20-28 years younger and dominating was not even a consideration. My advice to you is to make a commitment to work with Scott for at least a year (He doesn’t work miracles) then sit up straight, resolve to work hard-this isn’t beach body 101 or P-90x, take a deep breath, and call Scott Mendelson—that’s if you want to see results.

- Dan L 05/05/2012

Achieving a Ripped Body in just 12 Weeks!

Scott has shown and proven that what he does and believes in really works. His knowledge excellence has help me achieve one of my lifelong goals. I started a 12 week customized bodybuilding diet consisting of a nutrition plan and workout routine. At the beginning of my program I weighted in at 200lbs @ 12% body fat. after completion of Scotts personal program design.  I actually gained 5lbs of lean body mass and lost 8% body fat. Scotts program design opened my eyes to a new way to stimulate muscle growth along with fat loss. I highly recommend the Scott’s consultation services.

Start weight 200lbs 12% Body Fat
Ending weight 188lbs 4% Body Fat

- Joshua P  Natural Bodybuilder

Going from 15% to 6% Body Fat Fast!

I always had the goal of getting to a ripped 6% body fat level. After many years without success I turned to Scott to see if he could help. Under Scott’s guidance, I finally achieved my goal and have not looked back. Now Scott is helping me build muscle without adding body fat.

Scott’s customized plans provide the necessary roadmap to achieve your goals. Under Scott’s guidance, I have achieved success with both building muscle and losing fat. Scott gives you the diet and training tools that not only are flexible to life’s challenges, but actually work!

- Justin P  12/04/2011

35 lbs of Body Fat Lost the Easy Way!

35 pounds of fat lost, significant muscle increases in the areas I asked you to target, lower cholesterol and more energy, all from a program that doesn’t feel like I’m on a program at all. Very impressive

I wanted to say thank you for constructing an ongoing training and nutrition plan that has so easily integrated into my lifestyle. The results have been beyond my expectations and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the future.

Transitioning from 11 years of competitive bodybuilding & personal training into the long hours and high pressure of Medical device sales left me far from my previous condition. I had maintained my heavy weight workouts, but the food and cardio had slipped considerably. My belief had always been that with my ridiculous travel schedule, eating properly was impossible and the hours of cardio required to stay in shape would just not fit in.

Your program gave me a meal plan that easily fits anywhere you might be and proof that high intensity weight training & cardio could yield more muscle gains with more fat loss in less time. On top of that, the amino loading with Alpha Omega has left me with more energy, no afternoon slump, less fat and much better results from the gym than any other supplement program I’ve tried in the past – not to mention the ease of use during travel compared to typical protein powders.

- Derek L 8/29/2011


As I was flipping through one of my favorite fitness magazines “IRONMAN” an article titled Single Digit body fat %, I read it 3 times in a row, it was that good! It wasn’t the normal articles you see time after time in every fitness magazine telling you the same thing about eating low calories and to do tons of cardio day in and out! I noticed at the end of the article Scott had is name and email and website!

As I was searching through the website I could not believe the free knowledge I was reading from Scott and Dr. Eric Serrano! I was addicted I could not get enough! finally I started reading more about their supplements and it was right then, when I knew I had to order some! I cannot believe how Amino Acids must be the most under-rated supplements on the planet! They work wonders if they used in a high enough dosage like they advise you how they should be taken, the best quality for a good price!

I Bought a training and nutrition program and started taking the Alpha Omega M 3, 100% MR & Muscle Synthesis Powder, I couldn’t believe how much my energy a strength went up! I felt amazing after every workout, I was always excited to beat my personal best for the second one to come! Comparing my week#1 workout to my week#6 seemed like a totally different person! My Squat for example started at 115lbs and jumped up to a solid 175lbs, and I am only 106lbs!

30 days went by, and it was time to test my results with my body composition! WOW! I lost 2% body fat and Gained a pound of muscle! I couldn’t be any happier! they are the #1 Supplement company I recommend to anyone because I know they will deliver the results fast and you feel amazing!

- Andrea 09/17/2011