Optimize Hormones to Burn Trouble Spot Fat

Get Rid of the Belly Fat, Upper Back Flab, Love Handles and More! By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. MendelsonTrouble spot fat is a lingering plague; causing extreme suffering for professionals in our profession due to the anguish we share with our clients.  Despite tremendous losses in body fat some of my patients and the population at large must face the near impossible task of reducing these trouble spots.  This epidemic is impossible to hide- fat accumulates in the abdomen and love handles for men while women have an extremely difficult time eliminating excess leg, buttocks and hip body fat.  The scale goes in the right direction, but these ugly pockets of fat will not go way, amazingly enough these areas may increase during a severely restricted diet and later on in this article you will learn exactly why this happens.

Trouble Spot Cause Solutions
Flabby Triceps Testosterone low Estrogen high Increase consumption of “good” dietary fats, weight training, 8-9 hours of sleep each night. Fat Reduce FBO5 Day & Night, 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder
Excessive male breast tissue High estrogen levels- pro hormone/steroid abuse, high alcohol intake Weight training based exercise, reduce saturated fat (from non organic sources) and sugar intake. Increase monounsaturated fats and fish oil (Alpha Omega M3)
Large Buttocks High estrogen, low thyroid, excessive cardio Avoid Excessive Aerobics and refined carb intake.  Alpha Omega M3 6-9 per day.  Eliminate Alcohol.
Beer Belly (men) love handles and upper leg fat (females) High stress and excessive sugar intake.  Frequent Alcohol consumption KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.  Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce FBO5, 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder, GCX10
Upper Back Fat Poor Thyroid function and high stress Avoid Overtraining and high sugar intake.  100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder

Hormones Govern Fat Loss

The public has little understanding of hormones and how they govern the actions of the human machine.  Testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, thyroid, insulin, etc. amounts and ratios will ultimately determine if you are fat, ripped, strong, weak, lethargic and so on.  Intense examinations of blood work reveal the complex hormonal cascades that can be specifically correlated to trouble body fat levels. Where you are storing body fat will tell you what hormones must be addressed through nutrition, supplementation and training strategies.  Tracking the progress of each of these sites with an accurate caliper body fat testing device will help you monitor the progress of each individual site providing powerful insight needed to make refinements to your routines.

Fat Reduce Day Time FBO5 for Rapid Fat Loss and balanced Energy

Fat Reduce Day Time FBO5 for Rapid Fat Loss and balanced Energy

The Hormonal Connection To Body Fat Accumulation

“Over the years patients who are obsessed with any aspect of life often times including appearance seemed to have the highest levels of stubborn fat in spite of their dedicated efforts to perfect their bodies.  Strangely enough these same patients had intense cravings for sugary foods for extended periods of time.   At times these patients gave in to these cravings and would experience a huge increase in fat mass literally overnight. 

Blood work revealed extremely high levels of the stress hormone cortisol; cortisol is well known for its counter activity to testosterone and ability to reduce muscle mass.  Only recently have we discovered that this same hormone deposits body fat at incredible rates.

Cortisol causes fat storage in the mid section for men and legs/buttocks for women by activating fat storage receptors and ruining insulin sensitivity.  Resulting high insulin levels contribute to the problem as insulin is a potent fat storage hormone.

After identifying the most common obstacles to trouble spot fat loss- my attention turned to creating a solution with a comprehensive nutrition, exercise and supplementation strategy.  I am very familiar with all of the fat loss products on the market as my patients keep me informed as to what they are using.  When developing a product it must produce great results for my patients under my supervision before I will even think about putting it on the market.  The only way to accomplish this is with elaborate human testing and I have evaluated an endless number of ingredient combinations over many years learning a great deal each time about the mechanism of each ingredient in addition to how the specific ratio of ingredients impacts the big picture of success.

Every individual will have a vastly different hormonal profile and I suggest having a qualified doctor measure your hormonal levels so that you compare results after at least 16 weeks of proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation efforts.  In some cases cleaning up the diet alone will resolve hormonal problems.  Addressing specific problems with supplementation can help in coordination with proper diet and exercise.

Eric Serrano MD


Consultation Client Justin goes from 15 to 6% body fat Fast
Infinity Fitness Consultation Client Justin goes from 15 to 6% body fat Fast

Going from 15% to 6% Body Fat Fast!

I always had the goal of getting to a ripped 6% body fat level. After many years without success I turned to Scott to see if he could help. Under Scott’s guidance, I finally achieved my goal and have not looked back. Now Scott is helping me build muscle without adding body fat.

Scott’s customized plans provide the necessary roadmap to achieve your goals. Under Scott’s guidance, I have achieved success with both building muscle and losing fat. Scott gives you the diet and training tools that not only are flexible to life’s challenges, but actually work!

- Justin P 12/04/2011 Pictured above

There is no Place to Hide Body Fat at the Pool or on the Beach

There is no practical way to mask these imperfections, we see it every morning in the mirror and the eyes of our peers fixate on these spots unintentionally during our every day lives.  Those who have want to take their shirts off with pride or look good in a swimsuit when good weather arrives MUST address these quagmires or failure is inevitable.  A few simple strategies within this text will give you the ability to solve this bothersome ugliness, after all life is too short for love handles and excess clothing during summer months.

“Years of clinical experience dealing with trouble spot body fat has lead me to several proven relief tactics.  I know exactly why body fat accumulates in these areas after reviewing thousands of cases, which include detailed nutrition, training and hormonal blood work histories.  You must understand how to control the key contributing factors to rid yourself of stubborn fat for good.  There is hope far beyond liposuction or frivolous infomercial devices; you can take corrective action by changing your diet.”

Dr. Eric Serrano MD

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Top 10 Reasons why the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition leaves competitors in the Dust.

Burn 10-20 Pounds of UGLY Body Fat in 30 days just in time for Spring with the Kiss Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan!  Part 1

By: Eric Serrano and Scott H. Mendelson

Kiss Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan Videos Part 1 and Part 2

Clients regularly can lose up to 10 pounds of body fat during the first 14 days of executing the Kiss Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition plan.  The first two weeks which we refer to as the Fat Burning Kick Starter are designed to shift the body into using an increased amount of stored fat as fuel while cleansing the system of many toxins associated with refined foods.  The Kick Starter featuring high organic protein, medium dietary fat and high dietary fiber intake will never leave you feeling hungry or low on energy!  Rapid Fat Loss Progress fuels consistent execution which is a key to long term fat loss success.

Dr. Serrano explains the Power of Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis

“I perform extensive hormonal blood work reviews with every patient on a regular basis and can quickly spot barriers to success such as overtraining by evaluation the testosterone to cortisol ratio, thyroid, cholesterol, liver enzymes and more. New patients often have poor levels of amino acid concentration in the blood stream and this vital marker defines patient potential for building muscle and burning fat.
During follow up blood work Patients who Amino Load frequently with the proprietary blends of ingredients within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder that I developed can experience huge improvements in their blood profiles identifying the proper levels of Amino Acids available to fuel rapid muscle growth, fat loss and accelerated performance. The physique improvements following this improved status are absolutely incredible.” Eric Serrano MD














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                        No Fat Burning Plateaus

A Typical low calorie fat loss nutrition plan will initially cause people to lose a combination of muscle and body fat within the first month, but progress on the scale grinds to a halt shortly thereafter.  You can expect an even faster rate of fat loss during the second month of the KISS Rapid Fat Loss program as it takes time to build metabolic and hormonal momentum.

Easy To Follow the KISS Plan Every Day

KISS stands for keep it simple stupid!  The program makes use of many advanced nutrition concepts, yet we have made the KISS plan very simple to execute which supports both the high quality and consistency of execution needed to maximize your fat burning capabilities.  Eating primarily two meals per day with snacks between meals in some situations requires minimal food prep time and allows you to work throughout the day with fewer interruptions to sit down and eat.  Eating at most sit down restaurants is very easy to do on a daily basis if necessary. 

High Energy Levels Drive High Quality Fat Burning Training Sessions

Exercise plays a vital role in the rapid fat loss success equation and adequate energy is needed to support your training success.  Performing the right weight training and interval sprint programs to fit individual client needs can double the rate of fat loss.   The higher the quality of your training sessions- the faster you will lose body fat.  Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder (now available with natural flavoring) around training and between meals will provide a powerful alternative energy source for intense training and daily life while crushing cravings.

Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder between meals can improve mental energy levels and performance of difficult work related tasks even when working hour are running longer than normal.  These proven tools are even more important when executing a low carbohydrate plan to shift the body to using stored fat as fuel instead of hard earned muscle.

Alpha Omega M3 kills cravings

“There is no shortage of stressed patients in my practice and Alpha Omega M3 is a required tool for all of them. In addition to the great fat burning impact related to the carefully designed ratios of essential fats I have also found that clients may experience improved mood, less anxiety, fewer cravings for bad food choices and generally deal better with stressful situations.” Eric Serrano MD

The KISS Plan Includes Simple to Execute Macronutrient Cycling

Just like training your nutrition plan must also change strategically to avoid metabolic staleness.  Macronutrient Cycling is a simple way of changing food sources at certain times to rapidly increase crucial fat burning enzymes while optimizing the hormonal environment.  Rotating foods can prevent the sluggishness stemming from food sensitivities developed from eating the same foods every day.  If your nutrition strategy has not changed in years, it must for you to earn rapid fat loss progress.

Macronutrient Cycling for Rapid Fat Loss
Hear are some clues- the nutrition plan just like training must also be changed strategically to avoid metabolic staleness every 6-12 weeks. Macronutrient Cycling is one of the greatest nutrition discoveries over the last 25 years. Changing the macronutrient amounts forces the body to use more stored fat as fuel by changing metabolic patterns and increasing fat burning enzymes.

 We review thousands of meal plans each year along with detailed client histories and many of the same mistakes keep coming up.  If you have failed to make significant progress with methods used before then a drastic change is needed are you can expect the same poor results.  Why waste your time and money on methods that do not work?

Fat Cell Cleansing

There are many misconceptions about body fat- it is made up of billions of fat cells, some we are born with and others created by bad food choices such as corn oil used in frying.  Once you have a large ware house of fat cells your capacity to store body fat is greatly increased.  You can manipulate cell size by making them collectively shrink and that is how we lower body fat levels.  Furthermore fill fat cells with their desired essential fatty acid materials found in Alpha Omega M3 ‘s specific proprietary ratios and this cements a huge barrier to future body fat accumulation even when diet is less than perfect for stretches of time.

Stop Giving In to Stress Cravings

Highly stressed people often binge and their sources are typically highly refined foods which have tons of fat storing attributes, but the trouble does not end there.  The left over toxins, trans fats etc. lodge in the fat cells forcing an unwanted expansion and inhibit the use of stored materials as fuel.  The best way to get these cells back into fat burning mode is to purge the garbage with a high dosage of Alpha Omega M3 to not only change the raw material landscape, but to also optimize the hormonal environment- limiting the fat storing impact of stress.  Optimizing insulin sensitivity can stop hunger and cravings in their tracks quickly getting rid of the greatest barriers to success.

Shut of Belly Fat Storage Receptors

Men have a high density of fat storage receptors in the mid-section that are activated by poor hormonal conditions such as excessive physical and emotional stress. We use Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night Time formulas to shut off the fat storage receptors and accelerate fat burning through several proven metabolic and hormonal pathways. The Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time formula is especially potent for those who do not wake up feeling well rested which indicates sleep quality is not good enough to properly regenerate hormone levels.

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