Goal Achievement Tools For Burning 10-20 lbs of Fat in 30 to 60 days!

Fat Reduce for Rapid Fat Loss
A 30 day trial using the Fat Reduce involving approximately 24 Men and Women demonstrated an average increase of over 400 calories per day in caloric expenditure.

Learn How to Burn 10-20 lbs of Fat in 30 to 60 days!

Spring Fat Cell Cleaning- Get the New Year off to a Fast Start!

Setting Goals is easy- Identifying and  Executing the Strategies Required for Success is the Hard Part!

By Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson  Scott@infinityfitness.com

What are your goals for the next few months?   Do you have a plan to make 2012 productive? Take some time to assemble your goals and motivations now to set yourself up for Success in 2013!

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Did You Make Improvements in 2012 or Did Things Get Worse?

How much progress did you make last year?  The honest answer to this question can be a rough reality.  If you fell short of your goals for 2012 or even back slid to even worse condition now is the time to adopt new strategies or you are destined for the same sub par results as in the past.  Make the Future Brighter with the correct tools to get the Job Done!

Success is Within Reach Only if You Train Hard and Smart!

Whatever the goal there must be a strong desire to make it happen and a strategy to achieve the goals. Otherwise your hard work may go to waste.

Just imagine how good it would feel to walk on the beach during your next vacation with your ideal body.  Picture this in your mind and capture that image to use during challenging moments as a source of motivation.

Fat Reduce Trial Burns 400 More Calories Per Day

The proprietary ratio of ingredients which have recently been proven by research to increase fat burning capabilities.  Fat Reduce seeks to do much more than just stimulate metabolism, it provides the complex building blocks for Norepinephrine,  which is the primary hormone responsible for the breakdown of body fat.  Forslean and Panax Ginseng for example work by increasing free testosterone, Lipoic acid can improve insulin sensitivity and specific forms of L Carnitine improve utilization of stored fat as fuel.  A 30 day trial using the Fat Reduce involving approximately 24 Men and Women demonstrated an average increase of over 400 calories per day in caloric expenditure.

Rev up Fat Burning for 24 Hours Per Day and Sleep Great!

Fat Reduce includes 2 revolutionary formulas to address the full 24 hours of fat burning factors.  Fat Reduce AM drives fat burning with peaked focus while Fat Reduce PM time formula helps clients transition into a restful sleep by lowering stress hormones.   Dr. Serrano identified the key factors governing fat loss and learned through years of experience that those who do not get enough quality sleep had trouble burning fat even when diet and exercise were nearly perfect.   Poor sleep reduces anabolic hormone levels while driving up fat storage mechanisms.  If you are waking up  in the morning without feeling well rested then you need to improve your sleep cycle to improve your rate of success.

Set A Fat Burning Wild Fire

Increasing workout intensity is a key to any successful mission.  In the case of training a small difference in work output can account for Huge changes in results.  Dr. Serrano’s review of tens of thousands of patient blood test revealed the ideal ratios of hormones required for success.  Fat Reduce has the necessary combination of Herb Adaptogens to not only optimize the metabolic rate but also creates RAZOR SHARP Focus without the jumpy effect.

Fat Cell Cleansing for a Great Six Pack
Far more than just a toxin filtrated EFA formula- Dr. Serrano designed the Alpha Omega M3 to optimize fat burning through several pathways using a proprietary blend of researched ingredients.

Make Strategic Change or Watch Your Progress Die

When was the last time your nutrition plan underwent a strategic change more significant than swapping chicken breasts with chicken thighs?  Do you find yourself eating the same 5 to 10 foods every day for months on end?  Maybe your whole life?  Have you manipulated macronutrient %s to increase rates of fat burning and muscle growth?   If not you are missing the speed boat to success.

Are you Changing your training routines strategically or just jumping from one fad routine to another?  There must be a strategic plan in place to force the body into making the improvements you seek and rarely can the methods work well as “one size fits all”

5 years of Training Experience?  The Harder it is to Make Progress! The longer you have been training- the greater the importance of program design.  After 5 years or so of training the nervous system becomes mature and so do the muscles, making new gains harder to earn in comparison to your early days of training.  Training for 10 years or more?  You better have the right training and nutrition program or forget about any potential progress.

This is just a fact of the Iron Game.  Getting into the 10 and 10 club by dropping at least 10 lbs of body fat and putting on an equal amount of muscle in 4-6 weeks is common for my customized consult male clients.  I provide the road map- you earn the results in the most efficient manner possible!

Spring Fat Cell Cleaning, Unblock the Highway to Rapid Fat Loss

Did you make a bunch of poor food choices during the holidays? If so as a result you still have many clogs blocking your success even months later.  In a matter of weeks trans fats from fried and junk foods will clog up fat cells causing them not only to swell, but to become dysfunctional, making fat burning a slow process.  Consuming a higher sugar intake as often done during the holidays makes the problem worse by negatively impacting insulin sensitivity.  While being the most anabolic hormone- insulin when elevated all of the time supports a rapid fat storing environment- especially in the mid section for men every time you eat.  Fat cell dysfunction and poor insulin sensitivity will block progress for months even if you are doing the right things with diet.

Cleanse Fat Cells for Rapid Fat Loss

Alpha Omega M3 is the ideal tool for Fat Cell Cleansing to cleanse the fat cells by providing cells with their preferred ratios of raw materials which are quickly absorbed while garbage is forced out.  The end result is a smaller cell representing a huge loss in body fat and increased ability to use stored fat as fuel ongoing.   More than just a toxin filtrated EFA formula- Dr. Serrano designed the Alpha Omega M3 to optimize fat burning through several pathways using a proprietary blend of researched ingredients.  There is no faster way to get on the fat burning fast track than taking Alpha Omega M3 with every meal.

Track Your Compliance with the Success Calendar

Grade your own efforts by using the Success Calendar ™ each day and identify where you can improve your execution.  Simply assign a 0, 1 or 2 grade to key categories such as nutrition and exercise each day so that you can define your level of effort and compliance each week.  Score over 95% and you are destined for rapid fat loss, muscle growth, performance improvement, or whatever your goals may be.  You will be able to quickly identify what days of the week when compliance is poor and address the short fall to improve the situation.  If you score less than 70% with compliance and execution- who is to blame for a lack of progress?  You! Use this information to take a realistic view of the situation and make a decision to be successful.

Setting Goals in the Easy Part

Setting goals is the easy part, having the right strategies in place for your specific needs is the key to success.   Here is the tricking part!  Training and nutrition plans that worked for you in the past may not be as effective the second or third time around as the body adapts quickly to many stimuli.  Also keep in mind that your metabolic and hormonal conditions are constantly changing based on stress, injuries, age, sleep and more.  Very few can get away with eating and training like then did when they were in their 20s.  All of these elements make the program design just as important as your work ethic.  A determining factor to your success in 2013 is your willingness to change in an effort to reach aggressive goals.  Below is part 1 of a 1 year example road map to success explaining the thought process behind ensuring that each phase builds on the success of the one prior.

 Goals Must Be Specific, Realistic, Measureable and Have a Deadline

Make all goals specific and attach a deadline otherwise they are just a vague desire.  Goals must be easily measureable so that you can track your progress.  Many people simply use pounds as a guide of losing fat or gaining muscle, but this is not an accurate method.  A body fat percentage test will help you determine exactly how much progress is being made from a body composition stand point.  Using a tape measure with a consistent method is best for determining progress of certain body parts.  A measurement of the arm circumference every 4 weeks is very helpful along with other sites.

Relying on the mirror or other similar methods will lead to frustration.  Your goals must be realistic!  You cannot go from completely out of shape to 6% body fat in a month for example.  Being aggressive is fine, but discussing your goals with an experienced professional can help you form both safe and aggressive sets of goals.  You can then associate certain behaviors and tactics to go with each set of goals.  Having a specific deadline is very important to keep you on track.  A vacation for example is a great even to prepare for as there will be positive pressure to improve in time.  I suggest breaking up goals into 12 week periods and tracking progress every 4 weeks.  Contact Scott@infinityfitness.com to help form goals and the necessary strategies for rapid progress.

Trouble With Cravings?

There is no substitute for good old fashion discipline, but there are connections between what goes in the brain and why people experience strong cravings to eat certain foods.  Serotonin improves mood and can be low for a variety of reasons.  This brain chemical is rapidly increased by foods high in carbohydrates which can interfere with fat loss.

The subconscious picks up on this and can cause an uncontrollable binge as a way of self medicating.  Women usually suffer more than men in this regard especially during the menstrual cycle.  Battling with cravings and subsequent cheating is a sign your plan is not well put together. You can stop the vicious cycle by eating and supplementing correctly during the day. Research and my experience with thousands of patients supports my theory that Muscle Synthesis Powder  and  Alpha Omega M3 may help avoid serotonin deficits, thus making it much easier to stick with a plan.

100% MR can keep you energized by stabilizing blood sugar levels (they regulate energy) and providing a powerful fuel source throughout the day.  Without going into a long scientific explanation- Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis in addition to Alpha Omega M3 help the brain generate what it needs!  Using the right exercise routines can create a huge increase of endorphins which improve both mood and energy. Many trainees with good intentions over train unintentionally causing more problems.  If you are not feeling great after your workout for several hours- something is wrong!  I suggest some clients train a couple times per day using short sessions just for the mood enhancing effects.

Fat Cell Cleansing is a Ground- Breaking Tactic for Permanent Fat Loss www.infinityfitness.com/articles/fatcellcleanse.html We review thousands of meal plans each year along with detailed client histories and many of the same mistakes keep coming up.  If you have failed to make significant progress with methods used before then a drastic change is needed are you can expect the same poor results.  Why waste your time and money on methods that do not work?  Here are some clues- the nutrition plan just like training must also be changed strategically to avoid metabolic staleness every 4-6 weeks. Macronutrient cycling is one of the greatest nutrition discoveries over the last 25 years.  Changing the macronutrient amounts forces the body to use more stored fat as fuel by changing metabolic patterns and increasing fat burning enzymes.

Using The Right Tools to Get The Job Done

Like any great Artist you need the right raw materials to create a masterpiece.  You cannot expect to push the envelope of both training and nutrition without the correct tools to get the job done.  We believe in proven supplementation techniques to help our clients achieve their goals in the shortest possible time frames.  Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis will enable you to train at a higher level of intensity while increasing the rate of recovery so you can come back even stronger for the next session. The 100 % MR and Muscle Synthesis combo force the body into using more stored fat as fuel during exercise and daily activities making all of your hard work pay off even faster.  The specific ratios of aminos enable the muscles to use the super fuel right away which lays the foundation for rapid muscle growth and repair.

Taking The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis between meals makes the brain believe a great deal of food has come in and as a result metabolic rate increases, but there is nothing to burn except stored fat since the aminos have little caloric value.  This leaves stored fat as the primary fuel source for a raging metabolism.  www.infinityfitness.com/articles/aminoload2.html

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Take Action Today

With the New Year Here- Be Honest- ask yourself how much progress did you make last year or did you take a huge step back? Talk with Scott to get 2013 off to best possible start guaranteeing your success.  You owe it to yourself to take every advantage.  Plenty work hard and fail.  The Few who are truly successful work hard and smart using the right tactics for their unique needs and goals.  Call or email me 7 days per week- I will change your life.  Scott@infinityfitness.com    614 868 7521


Fat Cell Cleansing- For Permanent Fat Loss

Scott what is the best way to kick start fat loss for a guy like me who is highly stressed working long hours? Every time things get tough at work or home it seems my gut grows over night. My wife has the same problem except she packs on the fat in the lower body. I would give anything just to have a six pack and my wife refuses to wear a bathing suit even though she looks great except for a few trouble spots.Noora Looks Great- You can too!

Noora has cleansed her fat cells!

Optimize Fat Cell Function to Get Rid of Belly Fat Forever!

Fat Cells have two settings much like a Vacuum Cleaner. They can be stuck on suck up mode to grab everything available in the blood stream to build up fat storage levels for the dreaded swollen look just like the vacuum bag. Or the reverse setting to kick out as much stored garbage as possible to be metabolized as fuel. You can do most things right with diet and exercise and still not experience much success if the fat cells are not operating correctly for a number of reasons. Optimizing fat cell raw material levels as well as hormonal status through saturation of the vital ingredients within the Alpha Omega M3 and you are on your way to rapid fat loss with the ability to keep it off Permanently.

Dr. Serrano's Alpha Omega M3- the Ultimate Fat Loss Weapon

Stress Activates Fat Storage Receptors

For you and anyone else who is stressed, program design is absolutely critical, not something you can figure out on your own. Stressed people are very sensitive to carb intake since stress hormones negatively impact insulin sensitivity and as a result the metabolic environment is primed to store carbs as fat instead of burning them as fuel. Training volume must also be kept in check due to the negative impact elevated stress hormones have on recovery. Even the slightest program refinements emphasizing intensity over volume are crucial to your success. The hormonal environment typical of your situation must be addressed by shutting off the receptors driving fat storage which for men are plentiful in the abdominal region.

Hey Ladies!

Women have a higher density of fat storage receptors in the buttocks and thighs while some will also store in the mid section as well. A traditional approach of low caloric intake and a high volume of exercise will not solve the problem, in most cases it makes things much worse!

Cleansing The Fat Cell

There are many misconceptions about body fat- it is made up of billions of fat cells, some we are born with and others created by bad food choices such as corn oil used in frying and trans fats within a countless number of packaged goods you have consumed over your life time. Trans fats were designed to extend shelf life and to lower the fat intake on food labels leading consumers to believe items are “diet friendly” choices. Nothing could be further from the truth as in actuality these fake fats are very hard to get rid of. Doughnuts you consumed years ago and last week have left a trail of trouble that you must clean up to restore proper fat cell function. Otherwise progress will be painfully slow.

Why Binging On The Wrong Foods Causes Long Term Damage

Highly stressed people often binge and their sources are typically highly refined foods which have tons of fat storing attributes, but the trouble does not end there. The left over toxins, trans fats etc lodge in the fat cells forcing an unwanted expansion and inhibit the use of stored materials as fuel. The best way to get these cells back into fat burning mode is to purge the garbage with a high dosage of Alpha Omega M3 to not only change the raw material landscape, but to also optimize the hormonal environment- limiting the fat storing impact of stress. Optimizing insulin sensitivity can stop hunger and cravings in their tracks quickly getting rid of the greatest barriers to success.

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Ready to Optimize Fat Cells For Rapid Fat Burning?



First 2 weeks 9-12 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

Following 2 weeks 6-9 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

Following 4 weeks 3-6 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals


First 2 weeks 6-9 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

Following 2 weeks 6 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

Following 4 weeks 3-6 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

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Cheat Meal Strategies for Firing Up Metabolism and Preventing Body Fat Accumulation

Cheat the right way or you will end up looking like this guy!
Cheat the right way or you will end up looking like this guy!

Cheat Meals are an important part of a success strategy for my clients to promote overall diet compliance and fire up the metabolism.  There are some rules that we put in place to promote success based on many years of experience using various techniques.  Here are some basic tips to help you enjoy Memorial Day weekend without piling on the body fat!

Never Use a Cheat Meal as the First Meal of the Day

Weight Train with a high volume program before Cheat Meals to fire up Metabolism and prevent body fat storage

Avoid fried foods, trans fats and high fructose corn syrup which can screw up the rate of fat burning for many days following consumption.

Always use Alpha Omega M3 with Cheat Meals to interfere with body fat accumulation through several important pathways

Minimize Alcohol consumption which is easily converted to stored fat

Customized Nutrition programs involve more detailed cheat meal strategies designed to prevent metabolic staleness, increase fat burning enzymes and optimize fat burning hormones.  These meals also fuel intense training sessions and provide a huge mental lift.

Do Not Fat Storage Snow Ball!

A few consecutive meals including poor food choices such as refined carbs, fried items and more can quickly snow ball into a fat gaining disaster by surging fat storing insulin levels while sucking down a large volume of garbage that is easily converted to stored fat.  The longer the poor eating goes on the greater the increase in insulin levels as this can compound daily until you reach a point where your flat stomach quickly turns into a Bowl full of Jelly!  The vicious cycle is made worse by the associated drop in energy levels that drives hunger and intense cravings while destroying motivation to exercise, a status much like being possessed by a demon telling you it is ok to ruin your body with days of bad food choices.

Do Not Stuff your Fat Cells with Junk!

Weight training before consuming meals high in carbohydrate and calorie intake is a metabolic game changer and one of the leading methods for managing insulin sensitivity making it a crucial element to success.  The strategic ratios of essential fats developed by Dr. Serrano within the Alpha Omega M 3 can help optimize insulin levels pushing a high percentage of the raw materials into muscles to support rapid recovery instead of swelling up your fat cells.  Saturating your fat cells with higher dosages of Alpha Omega on specific days creates a powerful body fat storage barrier through multiple proven pathways. 

 Read about revolutionary Fat Cell Cleansing for Rapid Fat Loss.   http://www.infinityfitness.com/articles/fatcellcleanse.html

Dr. Serrano’s take on Preventing Body Fat Accumulation

“I have patients who like to eat like crazy over holidays so we have conducted a few experiments recently using the Alpha Omega M3 to block fat storage.  2 groups of patients were instructed to eat whatever they wanted for an entire week while 1 group exercised daily and used 9 Alpha Omega per day.  The other group did nothing but sit on the couch.  The Alpha Omega group did not gain a significant amount of body fat while the other experienced huge increases in body fat (8 lbs or more in only a week).  The concentration of the new fat accumulation were in areas I associate with poor insulin management based on years of conducting elaborate blood work testing reviews. ” Eric Serrano MD


You Can Burn 20 lbs of Fat or More in 60 Days!

How would you like a body like this for the Summer?

How would you like a body like this for the Summer?

Dr. Serrano’s interval nutrition programs are burning body fat like wild fire across North America and Europe!  It all starts with a 2 week priming nutrition plan to set the stage for rapid fat burning.  There is no better time than right now to get started.

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Cleansing the fat cells with the New and Improved Alpha Omega M3 is one of the simplest things anyone can do to accelerate fat loss and to stay lean forever by blocking one of the bodies primary pathways for fat storage.