Thanksgiving Cheat Meal Strategies for Stopping Body Fat Accumulation

By. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Hey it’s Thanksgiving which means time to eat! Do not let guilt ruin your holiday fun. The proven strategies tested by our clients below will help you to stop body fat accumulation through multiple pathways.

You do not want to end up in the post-Thanksgiving carbohydrate induced coma which an lead to accelerated body fat storage for several days following the meal.  These conditions are also associated with poor energy and focus which interfere with your ability to burn off the additional food intake.

Big Meal Rules for Avoiding a Santa Belly!

Avoid This Fat Belly!
Warning- You Do not want to look like this on the beach!    6-9 Alpha Omega M3 with the BIG Meal will help to prevent Body Fat Accumulation, Eliminate Cravings and Lower Hunger Levels.

Execute an intense lower body weight training session to pack a high volume of intense work into 60 minutes or less 1-2 hours before your big meal to boost metabolism and fat burning hormones.

A correctly designed training session will increase muscular nutrient demand helping to drive the vast amount of raw materials made available from the big meal into hungry muscles!

A Strip Set training session making use of 2 or even 3 phases of each set by strategically reducing the loads for each phase is a metabolic and hormonal game changer, but only if you apply maximum intensity with attention to proper exercise form, rep tempos and accuracy of rest periods. Email to discuss customized plans for your specific needs.

Mechanical Advantage Strip Sets videos to burn 10 pounds of stubborn fat in 30 days by boosting fat burning hormones and preventing over training

Alpha Omega M3 Interfere with Body Fat Accumulation

You must take 6 to 9 Alpha Omega M3 during the BIG meal pending your body weight to prevent body fat accumulation, reduce hunger and eliminate cravings.

Alpha Omega M3 is not only a great investment in lowering body fat levels quickly, but also keeping them low long term by creating several powerful barriers to body fat accumulation.  Satisfying and ultimately improving the function fat cells with Dr. Serrano’s proprietary blend of essential fatty acids makes it more difficult for “garbage” such as the banned ingredients listed below to penetrate the cell to increase body fat even with the diet is less than perfect.  Insulin is the body’s most potent fat storage hormone so optimizing these levels with Alpha Omega M3 keeps your fat storage capacity in check following a huge meal!

Banned Ingredients!

The Big meal should never be the first meal of the day and should not include the Fat Cell Damaging ingredients: Trans fats, Fried Foods, Processed/Refined Foods, Soy Bean Oil, High Fructose Corn Syrup or Corn Oil. These ingredients activate fat storage and can interfere with fat burning for many days or even weeks following their consumption.  Minimizing alcohol intake is also very helpful for preventing body fat accumulation as alcohol not only provides empty calories, but also lowers fat burning hormones for many days in some cases.

Avoid Your In-Laws in the Kitchen or on The Couch

Remain active all day and during the evening following the big meal to burn off food intake and to avoid eating more out of boredom.  Do work around the house and play Football in the back yard.  This will also help you avoid in your In-Laws or other troublesome relatives stationed on the couch or in the kitchen.

Ideally do not eat following Dinner and replace breakfast with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to accelerate fat burning before eating at lunch time the following day to and to bring insulin levels back to normal (fat storage hormone).  To Burn Fat Fast between now and the end of the year you can use this modified fasting tactic as part of the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.  See Video

Ripped Core

Earn Single Digit body fat with Infinity Fitness  customized training and nutrition and consultations.

Eat Organic!  Organic protein choices have fewer fat storage properties even when consumed in large quantities vs. commercially raised animals.  Dietary fats within organic/grass fed animals are free of fat storage hormones such as estrogen which are typically given to commercially raised animals to increase their body weight for higher auction prices.  So get an organic turkey or other wild birds to be featured on Thanksgiving.

Take Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time formula 2 hours before bed to ensure restful sleep associated with natural fat burning hormone regeneration. A good night of sleep will help you wake up feeling well rested and ready to take on challenges such as avoiding bad food choice left overs.  High energy levels related to optimal sleep lead to better food and exercise choices.

Train On Friday to Burn Off More Calories

Perform the Chest and Back Strip Set Training session the day following the big meal to clear more sugars from the blood stream and to take advantage of the Anabolic Hormonal Environment created by the Big Meal.

Attack Stubborn and Visceral Fat

Our clients have had great success using GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer 30 minutes before training to double the rate of fat loss- specifically attacking visceral and stubborn fat.  Research shows that key GCX10 ingredient Lactoferrin interferes with the accumulation of fat in cells, prevents the formation of new fat cells and increases the utilization of stored fat to be burned as fuel.

GCX10 Drives More Reps with Higher Loads and Razor Sharp Focus

Dr. Serrano also designed the GCX10 to activate the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor for improved mental focus, reduced anxiety and a higher tolerance for discomfort during high intensity exercise without the use of stimulants.  The proprietary blend of ingredients has enabled clients to use higher loads with proper form while achieving more reps and sets with the increased loads.  Triple Stack will push you to the limit, requiring the right mindset and tools to support highly productive training sessions.

Watch Dr. Serrano discuss the unique fat burning and performance improvement benefits of the GCX10.

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21 Rapid Fat Loss Tips Part 1

Blast Belly Fat Fast with Fat Reduce FBO5

“The proper training, nutrition, supplementation and recovery strategies can naturally optimize the hormonal environment leading to an average of 10-20 pounds of fat loss in 30 to 60 days primarily from the mid-section. I have reviewed tens of thousands of patient blood work tests over the last 15 years and know exactly what ratios lead to rapid fat loss success” Eric Serrano MD

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

1. Cleanse Fat Cells to Lower body Fat Levels and Keep them low forever!

Your fat cells are the storage ware house for excess materials- fill up this space with good fats and you can prevent accumulation of new body fat. The body is very smart- provide it with tons of good fats and it will suck them up filling cells rather quickly. Alpha Omega M3 was designed to provide all of the great benefits of Omega 3 while being engineered to maximize body comp improvements. Take 6-9 Alpha Omega M3 caps per day along with good dietary fat choices with meals and watch your pants waist stay loose and your sleeves get tight with new increases in muscle! Loading up on the right combination of essential fats can also optimize insulin sensitivity putting the body into a better situation for rapid fat burning.

Fat Cell Cleansing with Alpha Omega M3 will help you earn the coveted Six Pack abs and keep them razor sharp forever!

great Abs

2. Avoid Trans Fat Consumption-Make your Fat Cells Kick out Stored Fat

Fat cells are storage dumps of stored energy, unfortunately this reserve builds up to be much larger than nature intended due to the negative impact of trans fats and other chemicals which retard fat cell function. Trans fats were designed to prolong product shelf life and these properties make them much more difficult to get rid of once they enter the fat cells.

As a result fat cells are great at sucking up material and expanding, but lose their ability to kick out stored material to be used as fuel. This recipe is the reason for your fat bulging disasters in the love handles and other sensitive areas. Alpha Omega M3 contains the specific ratio of ingredients needed to revive optimal fat cell function so that your body can purge the materials filling your trouble spot fat pockets. IN addition to being a powerful craving stopping device, Alpha Omega M3 interferes with the entire fat storage process making it very difficult for the body to turn excess energy into body fat.

3. Do Not Drink Fruit Juices.

A healthy glass of OJ each morning- no way!  It is poison in my book.  Fresh squeezed orange juice including the fiber from the pulp would be my preference.  The glycemic index rating for oranges is moderate while orange juice is sky high partially due to added sugars put in juices.  Remember the glycemic index determines blood sugar and insulin levels.  This is the first thing I pull out of any diet especially if there are juvenile behavior problems.  Use real fruits for your nutrient needs and remember to include avocados and grapefruit which both fit well in most fat loss plans.

4. Eliminate the Consumption of Refined Foods

Most acknowledge that refined foods such as bread, pasta, packaged baked goods, cereal etc support the storage of body fat.  Do not be fooled by whole wheat bread, pitas, tortillas and other products that also contained enriched flour.  In many cases these items are the same as their white counter parts with some added coloring.

5. Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder Before and After Exercise

Amino Loading is a term we use to describe the powerful combination of  100% MR and  Muscle Synthesis Powder which efficiently deliver a proprietary blend of amino acids in a rapid fashion. Consumed before training this unique combo forces the body to use more stored fat as fuel during exercise while also helping the trainee to shift to a more anabolic (fat burning) hormonal environment.

During and after training the strategic ratios of amino acids developed by Dr. Serrano provide an alternative energy source to support improved training performance (especially important during a low carb diet) and lay the building blocks needed for new muscle growth.  Following training your first priority should be accelerating recovery and Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis provides the critical ratios of amino acids needed to be quickly assimilated into hungry muscles.

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder are highly effective not only due to the high quality and amounts of raw materials, but the specific ratios which allow for rapid utilization by the muscles while optimizing the anabolic hormonal environment naturally.

Following years of hormonal blood work, muscle biopsies, performance evaluations and body comp testing- the formulas have been perfected and deliver unmatched results- every time!” Eric Serrano MD

6. Protein Shakes Provide too little- Too Late

A protein shake post workout alone does not do the job, during training you pump blood into the muscles to act as a nutrient super highway to carry in raw materials.   Drinking a shake following training will draw blood away from the muscles and into the stomach to support digestion which deteriorates much of the raw material value and slows down the delivery of nutrients.  

Timing is critical and there is no time to spare post workout. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder rapidly deliver the raw materials needed as they bypass digestion barriers and get right into the blood stream to take advantage of the hormonal and metabolic conditions created by training. For more information about the pre and post workout window of opportunity click HERE. 

Email today to discuss strategies to support your rapid success!

Noora Looks Great- You can too!

Noora has cleansed her fat cells!


5 Proven Plateau Busting Strategies for Rapid Fat Burning and Great Definition

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

The beginning stages of a fat loss plan can deliver some progress even without an appropriate strategy.  However after the first 5 to 10 pounds of body fat loss progress begins to slow down for many reasons as the body adapts to the program in place.  Keep in mind that the human body is a survival machine and will prioritize storing body fat over looking good.  You must send the right signals on a consistent basis to earn and maintain a low body fat level with great definition.

The wrong training and nutrition strategies not only kill progress, but lead to muscle wasting and a rebounding of body fat accumulation by making the metabolism and hormonal environment sluggish. 

Eating the same amount of calories 7 days per week will lead to metabolic and homeostatic sluggishness.  Now does this mean you should eat whatever you want a couple times per week to shift the calories?  NO! There must be a strategy in place to manipulate not only the caloric intake on certain days, but also the macronutrient percentages which are often overlooked, yet extremely important.

Watch Dr. Serrano discuss the importance of manipulating caloric amounts at least twice per week to accelerate fat loss and muscle growth when desired at the link below.

Wasting Your Time with Steady State Cardio

Excessive steady state cardio can teach the body store fat, increase fat storing hormones and waste hard earned muscle.  In some cases moderate amounts of steady state cardio activity can work well for obese people.  Everyone else should be performing intervals to maximize their rate of fat burning with a variety of venues and strategies.

Your Weight Training Routine is Stale

The weight training routine is nothing more than going through the motions or the same tired routine that has been in use for years because you refuse to leave your comfort zone!  You should never use a weight training routine for more than 6 weeks in our experience when aiming to improve body composition.  Our training routines feature strategic changes to the number of sets, reps, rep speeds, rest periods, grips and more during a 6 week routine to keep stimuli fresh.  Most trainees never venture very far from a small set of training routines which limits and ultimately destroys their potential for reaching their short and long term goals.

Does this mean you should grab a random routine from a magazine or from the “guy at the gym that knows his stuff”?  No- you need the right training routine to fit your specific needs, goals and injury status to maximize your success.  Email to discuss your situation and goals today!

Macronutrient Cycling for Rapid Fat Loss

Just like training the nutrition plan must also change in a strategic fashion on a regular basis to prevent metabolic staleness, to increase fat burning/muscle building enzymes and to optimize fat burning hormones.  We build carbohydrate and dietary fat loading protocols into client plans to support their rapid fat burning success.  In addition to being easy to execute- the carbohydrate and fat loading days provide a huge boost of energy for training on those days.

Emphasize Quality over Quantity

There is no substitute for intensity when aiming to lose body fat and improve definition quickly.  Properly designed training routines will emphasize a high quality of execution instead of quantity to support your success.  Doing too much work drives overtraining which stalls metabolism and energy levels while wasting muscle.  A number of individual circumstances will define a trainee’s capacity to recover optimally from training.  Exceeding the capacity to recover is counterproductive.  Keep weight training sessions under an hour and even less in many situations.    5 total exercise sessions per week including weight training and interval sessions works very well to improve body composition and energy levels for our busy clients.

Consuming 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre and post training can accelerate recovery of the muscles and the nervous system while increasing the utilization of stored fat as fuel and laying the raw material foundation for rapid muscle repair.




Burn Stubborn Stress Fat

Bill G Infinity Fitness Consultation Client

My Secret, is Scott (and through him, the dietary and supplementation wisdom of Dr. Serrano). I also credit, and would not think of going without their Muscle Synthesis, 100% MR, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce (even when I don’t need to lose fat I use it for energy and building lean muscle mass) and the incredible protein DigestA+Lean Protein.

BY: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Are you training hard and eating “clean”, but feel that you are making little progress or even getting worse with body fat accumulating in stubborn areas?  If so elevated stress levels from life in general, work, relationships or possibly over training is likely a large part of the problem.

Increased stress levels activate fat storage receptors in the mid-section for men and lower body for women forming highly stubborn pockets of body fat.  The right tactics will help your body deal with stress more effectively allowing you to burn body fat quickly and keep energy levels high.  Leaving high stress levels unchecked is a big mistake and the negative impact on the hormonal environment will block your progress even when nutrition and training plans are on point.

Shorter Training Sessions Lead to Faster Body Transformation

Maximize the fat burning impact form training by keeping sessions highly time efficient.  We help clients perform more productive work in a 45 minute session than they were able to do previously during poorly designed 90 minute training sessions.  We can help clients perform more high quality work in gradually less time with antagonistic super setting and short rest periods.  Three to four training sessions per week which are 40 minutes or less work very well for highly stressed clients wanting to lose body fat quickly.  In some cases training sessions may need to be closer to 30 minutes if recovery conditions are poor such as sleep quality, food availability and more.


Our clients have the ability to adjust the training volume for each session based on conditions in place on the day of training.


Get Rid of the Big Fat Stress Belly

Get Rid of the Big Fat Stress Belly

Even under normal stress level circumstances- many years of hormonal blood work analysis reveals training sessions over can be highly counterproductive- triggering increased rates of fat storage and muscle wasting.

Hormonal Blood Work- A view into the Future of Success or Failure

“I perform extensive hormonal blood work reviews with every patient on a regular basis and can quickly spot barriers to success such as overtraining by evaluation the testosterone to cortisol ratio, thyroid, cholesterol, liver enzymes and more. New patients often have poor levels of amino acid concentration in the blood stream and this vital marker defines patient potential for building muscle and burning fat.

During follow up blood work Patients who Amino Load frequently with the proprietary blends of ingredients within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder that I developed can experience huge improvements in their blood profiles identifying the proper levels of Amino Acids available to fuel rapid muscle growth, fat loss and accelerated performance. The physique improvements following this improved status are absolutely incredible.” Eric Serrano MD

Overtraining is Greatest Progress Roadblock for Serious Trainees

A training session will only drive rapid muscle growth and fat loss if the muscles, nervous and hormonal systems can optimally recover from the hard work performed. At times it is not one session that pushes a trainee off the overtraining cliff, but several weeks of exceeding the capacity to recover. A drop in Thyroid levels is a clear indication of overtraining and is one of the main reasons that energy levels drop during the days following a training session that exceeded the capacity to recover. Sub optimal thyroid levels are put into place as a reaction to overtraining to prevent additional muscle from being wasted and this also damages the capacity to burn stored fat

Four Key Elements for Rapid Fat Loss

We need to focus on four key elements to lose body fat quickly and accelerate fat burning long term. Support a metabolic shift to using stored fat as fuel, remove foods that interfere with proper digestion/nutrient utilization, Cleanse Fat Cells and optimize fat burning hormones.

Low Food intake and Too Much Exercise Stimulates Fat Storage and Muscle Wasting

Your prior nutrition and training plans that you sent me fit the typical low calorie programs with a ton of exercise will cause some initial fat loss along with muscle wasting, but will quickly bring fat loss to a halt as the body rebels against starvation signals. This is one of the primary reasons why 99% of the population cannot lose more than the first 10 pounds and typically gains the fat back and more within 45 days.

A combination of negative factors drove up your stress hormones which stimulated fat storage receptors to hold on to your belly fat and perhaps shift more body fat to the belly. Our clients have experienced huge reductions in belly fat when using the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night Time formulas.

Shut of Belly Fat and Stubborn Leg Fat Storage Receptors

Men have a high density of fat storage receptors in the mid-section while women have a higher concentration in the lower body that are activated by poor hormonal conditions such as excessive physical and emotional stress. We use Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night Time formulas to shut off the fat storage receptors and accelerate fat burning through several proven metabolic and hormonal pathways.

Sleep Better to Burn Fat Faster

The Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time formula is especially potent for those who do not wake up feeling well rested which indicates sleep quality is not good enough to properly regenerate hormone levels.

High Stress= High Sensitivity to Carbohydrate

Stress is a game changer as it relates to training and diet. You must be very careful with carbohydrate intake since elevated stress damages insulin sensitivity. In other words every time you eat an apple the body secretes more insulin (fat storage hormone) than it should compared to a normal person. Consume refined carbohydrates and junk food- the fat storage hormone release can be even worse!

Alpha Omega M3 helps to optimize insulin sensitivity while optimizing fat cell function and must be part of your nutrition plan. Carbohydrate intake should be focused following training on certain days as part of a planned macronutrient cycling strategy. Always include the Alpha Omega M3 consumed with post workout meals containing carbohydrate will drive raw materials into hungry muscle bellies instead of spilling over into fat cells.

Consuming Saturated Fats from Non- Organic Sources Can Increase Body Fat Levels

Commercially raised beef contains high amounts of saturated fat which can interfere with proper fat cell function which in turn increases fat storage capacity.  These matters are made worse in combination with high stress levels due to the negative impact on insulin sensitivity.  As a result fat storing hormone levels may be higher than normal when consuming commercially raised beef.  For many reasons grass fed beef and organically raised proteins are superior to other food options.

High Stress Levels Trigger Cravings

High stress is a powerful cravings trigger any time of day and stimulates a fat storing hormonal environment marked specifically by high cortisol levels. High cortisol levels create anxiety and a bad mood in general and as a natural reaction you subconsciously want to escape these conditions by spiking insulin through the consumption of sugar heavy food sources since increased insulin levels lower cortisol.

Neutralize Fat Storage Stress Hormones

Inadequate rest periods of 20 seconds for example increase lactic acid levels which causes the burning sensation in your muscles which make Joe average quit when the going gets tough. Lactic acid is a pre cursor to growth hormone which is one of the most potent Fat Burning hormones. We want Growth Hormone levels to climb as high as possible. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder buffer lactic acid levels so that you can train through the discomfort and get the most out of every training session. Dr. Serrano’s proprietary blend of ingredients based on many years of patient trials, hormonal blood work, and muscle biopsies forces the body to use more stored fat as fuel, neutralize fat storage stress hormones while laying the foundation for rapid muscle growth.

How hard are you really working during your training sessions?  What is more beneficial for your bottom line progress?  a rapid fire set that lasts 20 seconds or controlling rep speeds to make sets last 2 to 3 times as long?

Hot Wire Your Fat Cellular Network


Noora Looks Great- You can too!

Noora has cleansed her fat cells with Alpha Omega M3!

Hot Wire Your Fat Cellular Network To Burn Stubborn Fat Forever

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

I am pretty lean already, but need to burn stubborn fat covering up my abs, love handles and thighs within 60 days before a 2 week vacation and photo shoot. What do I need to do to drop this body fat fast and keep it off for good?

To burn 15-30 pounds of fat in 60 days you need to recalibrate your fat cellular network to send powerful fat burning signals 24×7 and optimize the hormonal environment which in combination governs fat loss. We all have billions of fat cells which define the size of our fat storage capacity and some of us through bad food choice consumption and genetic traits have a much larger fat storage capacity than others. A review of your nutrition journal revealed a lot of problems and to say the least your cell network strength is very weak right now, allowing for great improvements.

Customized Radical Fat Loss Plans to Burn 15 to 30  pounds of Fat in 60 days

A Customized Consultation radical nutrition and training plan for 60 days does the job every time. How aggressive of an approach we can take always depends on the client’s ability to execute programs effectively while keeping energy levels high. Eliminating hunger and cravings for bad food choices through proper program design and refinements are keys to rapid fat loss success.

Your Prior Food Intake is Slowing Down Future Fat Loss

Consumption of Junk food and packaged goods including many low fat foods containing Trans fats screw up fat cell function making it much more difficult to burn fat as fuel. Fried foods and corn oil increase the number of fat cells and make them larger which increases fat storage capacity.

Cleanse Fat Cells ASAP to Kick Start Rapid Fat Burning

6 (Alpha Omega M3) per day cleanses fat cells by forcing cells to purge out larger garbage and take in Dr. Serrano’s proprietary blend of essential fats which helps to collectively reduce the size of body fat deposits. Our clients take 6 Alpha Omega M3 during their cheat meals to interfere with bad materials from being absorbed into fat cells allowing fat loss to continue at a rapid fat during the following days.

99% of essential fatty acid products are designed for general purposes while Dr. Serrano Built the (Alpha Omega M3) to support rapid fat burning based on years of successful patient research. The proprietary blends of ingredients are unmatched for effectiveness and purity.

BEFORE 1/26/2012

AFTER 4/28/2012

Infinity Fitness Consultation client Dan L (age 47) made a fantastic 12 week transformation and so can you!  

Dietary Fat Loading Tactics for Rapid Fat Burning and Fat Cell Cleansing

Effectively burning stubborn body fat and keeping it off for good goes far beyond the overly simple calories in vs. calories expended equation. Dietary fat loading 1-2 times per week sends fat burning enzymes through the roof while preventing metabolic plateaus and elevating fat burning hormone levels.

Consuming grass fed beef at every meal for example provides a huge mental and physical energy boost as well. A nutrition plan based on “clean” eating alone is not enough to earn a low body fat level. A clear strategy changing every 6-12 weeks must be put into place to force the body into burning more stored fat as fuel while optimizing fat burning hormones. When is the last time you made strategic improvements to your nutrition plan?

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night Time formulas positively impact fat cells by attacking all the sources of body fat accumulation including hormones, nutritional, genetic and chemical by providing nutrients and co factors to induce thermogenesis.“ Dr. Eric Serrano MD

 GCX10  is an advanced weapon designed to attack extremely stubborn and visceral fat without the use of stimulants. Research shows that key GCX10 ingredient Lactoferrin interferes with the accumulation of fat in cells, prevents the formation of new fat cells and increases the utilization of stored fat to be burned as fuel.

Learn about Muscle Wave Training for Rapid Fat Loss and a Great Set of Guns!



Optimize Hormones to Burn Trouble Spot Fat

Get Rid of the Belly Fat, Upper Back Flab, Love Handles and More! By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. MendelsonTrouble spot fat is a lingering plague; causing extreme suffering for professionals in our profession due to the anguish we share with our clients.  Despite tremendous losses in body fat some of my patients and the population at large must face the near impossible task of reducing these trouble spots.  This epidemic is impossible to hide- fat accumulates in the abdomen and love handles for men while women have an extremely difficult time eliminating excess leg, buttocks and hip body fat.  The scale goes in the right direction, but these ugly pockets of fat will not go way, amazingly enough these areas may increase during a severely restricted diet and later on in this article you will learn exactly why this happens.

Trouble Spot Cause Solutions
Flabby Triceps Testosterone low Estrogen high Increase consumption of “good” dietary fats, weight training, 8-9 hours of sleep each night. Fat Reduce FBO5 Day & Night, 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder
Excessive male breast tissue High estrogen levels- pro hormone/steroid abuse, high alcohol intake Weight training based exercise, reduce saturated fat (from non organic sources) and sugar intake. Increase monounsaturated fats and fish oil (Alpha Omega M3)
Large Buttocks High estrogen, low thyroid, excessive cardio Avoid Excessive Aerobics and refined carb intake.  Alpha Omega M3 6-9 per day.  Eliminate Alcohol.
Beer Belly (men) love handles and upper leg fat (females) High stress and excessive sugar intake.  Frequent Alcohol consumption KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.  Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce FBO5, 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder, GCX10
Upper Back Fat Poor Thyroid function and high stress Avoid Overtraining and high sugar intake.  100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder

Hormones Govern Fat Loss

The public has little understanding of hormones and how they govern the actions of the human machine.  Testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, thyroid, insulin, etc. amounts and ratios will ultimately determine if you are fat, ripped, strong, weak, lethargic and so on.  Intense examinations of blood work reveal the complex hormonal cascades that can be specifically correlated to trouble body fat levels. Where you are storing body fat will tell you what hormones must be addressed through nutrition, supplementation and training strategies.  Tracking the progress of each of these sites with an accurate caliper body fat testing device will help you monitor the progress of each individual site providing powerful insight needed to make refinements to your routines.

Fat Reduce Day Time FBO5 for Rapid Fat Loss and balanced Energy

Fat Reduce Day Time FBO5 for Rapid Fat Loss and balanced Energy

The Hormonal Connection To Body Fat Accumulation

“Over the years patients who are obsessed with any aspect of life often times including appearance seemed to have the highest levels of stubborn fat in spite of their dedicated efforts to perfect their bodies.  Strangely enough these same patients had intense cravings for sugary foods for extended periods of time.   At times these patients gave in to these cravings and would experience a huge increase in fat mass literally overnight. 

Blood work revealed extremely high levels of the stress hormone cortisol; cortisol is well known for its counter activity to testosterone and ability to reduce muscle mass.  Only recently have we discovered that this same hormone deposits body fat at incredible rates.

Cortisol causes fat storage in the mid section for men and legs/buttocks for women by activating fat storage receptors and ruining insulin sensitivity.  Resulting high insulin levels contribute to the problem as insulin is a potent fat storage hormone.

After identifying the most common obstacles to trouble spot fat loss- my attention turned to creating a solution with a comprehensive nutrition, exercise and supplementation strategy.  I am very familiar with all of the fat loss products on the market as my patients keep me informed as to what they are using.  When developing a product it must produce great results for my patients under my supervision before I will even think about putting it on the market.  The only way to accomplish this is with elaborate human testing and I have evaluated an endless number of ingredient combinations over many years learning a great deal each time about the mechanism of each ingredient in addition to how the specific ratio of ingredients impacts the big picture of success.

Every individual will have a vastly different hormonal profile and I suggest having a qualified doctor measure your hormonal levels so that you compare results after at least 16 weeks of proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation efforts.  In some cases cleaning up the diet alone will resolve hormonal problems.  Addressing specific problems with supplementation can help in coordination with proper diet and exercise.

Eric Serrano MD


Consultation Client Justin goes from 15 to 6% body fat Fast
Infinity Fitness Consultation Client Justin goes from 15 to 6% body fat Fast

Going from 15% to 6% Body Fat Fast!

I always had the goal of getting to a ripped 6% body fat level. After many years without success I turned to Scott to see if he could help. Under Scott’s guidance, I finally achieved my goal and have not looked back. Now Scott is helping me build muscle without adding body fat.

Scott’s customized plans provide the necessary roadmap to achieve your goals. Under Scott’s guidance, I have achieved success with both building muscle and losing fat. Scott gives you the diet and training tools that not only are flexible to life’s challenges, but actually work!

- Justin P 12/04/2011 Pictured above

There is no Place to Hide Body Fat at the Pool or on the Beach

There is no practical way to mask these imperfections, we see it every morning in the mirror and the eyes of our peers fixate on these spots unintentionally during our every day lives.  Those who have want to take their shirts off with pride or look good in a swimsuit when good weather arrives MUST address these quagmires or failure is inevitable.  A few simple strategies within this text will give you the ability to solve this bothersome ugliness, after all life is too short for love handles and excess clothing during summer months.

“Years of clinical experience dealing with trouble spot body fat has lead me to several proven relief tactics.  I know exactly why body fat accumulates in these areas after reviewing thousands of cases, which include detailed nutrition, training and hormonal blood work histories.  You must understand how to control the key contributing factors to rid yourself of stubborn fat for good.  There is hope far beyond liposuction or frivolous infomercial devices; you can take corrective action by changing your diet.”

Dr. Eric Serrano MD

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Top 10 Reasons Why The KISS Plan Will Help You Burn 10-20 Pounds of Fat in 30 days

Top 10 Reasons Why the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan Leaves Competitors in the Dust Part 2.

By: Eric Serrano and Scott H. Mendelson

Kiss Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan Videos Part 1 and Part 2 play on your computer or mobile device.

Fat Reduce FBO5
Burn The Belly Fat Hiding Your Abs with the KISS Plan and Fat Reduce FBO5 Day/Night Time formulas.

Ample consumption of nutrient dense foods including Grass Fed Beef, Bison, Cage free eggs, wild caught fish/Seafood, vegetables, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, avocados and more will keep energy levels high while fat burns fast!

Rotating excellent food sources prevents food sensitivities which can present as difficulty losing body fat, sluggishness, rashes and joint pain.  Keeping the variety of food choices fresh prevents boredom and promotes better compliance.  The KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition plan will have you feeling energized following every great tasting meal.

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder protect hard earned muscle from being wasted.  One of the top reasons why so many people who have lost fat gain it right back is due to lost muscle which reduces the size of the calorie burning engine.

Every pound of muscle burns calories 24×7! Low calorie plans and excessive cardio are the worst culprits for wasting muscle, increasing fat storage hormones and reducing metabolic rate. Most fat loss plans make the metabolic and hormonal systems very sluggish over time which will trigger a rebound of body fat accumulation.  The KISS plan optimizes fat burning through several proven pathways enabling you to keep the body fat off with the right nutrition and exercise habits ongoing.

Trick the Brain into Burning More Stored Fat as Fuel

The huge amount of Dr. Serrano’s proprietary Free Form Amino Acid content within 5 scoops the Muscle Synthesis Powder can increase protein synthesis levels more than a 850 calorie meal according to recent published research. 100% MR is a powerful anti-catabolic agent which accelerates the recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system while working synergistically with the Muscle Synthesis Powder to improve body composition. Additionally the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder combination has no caloric burden while sending signals to the brain that a huge volume of food has been consumed which sky rockets metabolism with nothing to burn except the stored fat sitting on top of your abs.

High Energy for Rapid Fat Burning Training Sessions

Any nutrition plan that leaves you drained is robbing you of fat burning training opportunities.  The KISS plan keeps muscles well fueled and energy levels high for weight training sessions geared specifically to fat burning and interval sprints.  During the last 15 years we have learned that the effort and production levels during training directly correlate to rates of fat loss and head turning definition.   Check out Mechanical Advantage Strip Sets videos for Pushing Fat Burning Hormones through the roof while stimulating fast twitch muscle fibers for a great physique.

Balanced Energy Leads to Optimal Food and Exercise Choices

The correct food choices, timing and combinations within the KISS plan will help to balance energy levels for individuals who do not have specific health problems in place.  Meals consisting of high protein, medium dietary fats and adequate amounts of dietary fiber will not create the big spikes in blood sugar levels which result in an energy crashes, increases in appetite and intense cravings for bad food choices. Low energy levels is one of the top reasons why people cheat on their nutrition plans and make bad food choices so we have sought to prevent this problem before it becomes an issue!

Lean Core

Optimize Fat Cell Function with Alpha Omega M3 to Lose Belly Fat Fast.

The Alpha Omega M3 provides Dr. Serrano’s successfully researched balance of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and good saturated fats to optimize levels of fat burning and daily energy.

Macronutrient Cycling with Carbohydrate Loading Post Training

During weeks 3 and 4 of the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Plan we implement carbohydrate loading during the meals following weight training sessions when the body is peaked to make use of these raw materials while the provide a hormonal fat burning boost!  Just like training the nutrition plan must change strategically to prevent plateaus.  Do not use fake sugar drinks and focus on sweet potatoes, rice, and oatmeal during the post weight training meal.

Is your Current Plan too low in Carbs to Maximize Fat Burning?

Alpha Omega M3 is a crucial part of post workout advanced nutrition strategies to peak anabolic hormone levels while driving nutrients into hungry muscle bellies instead of spilling over into fat cells.  The unique hormonal environment supported by the Alpha Omega M3 enables trainees to consume fewer carbohydrates post training to support continued fat burning without giving up the anabolic impact of carbohydrate.

Top 10 Reasons Why the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan Leaves Competitors in the Dust Part 1.

Double Your Rate of Fat Loss with Interval Sprints

Burn 12 Pounds of Body Fat in 4 weeks with Interval Sprints

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

I have reached an emergency fat loss situation- need to lose 12-15 lbs of fat so my abs will show- in 4 weeks I have a college reunion and to the say the least my group of friends is always trying to one of up each other.  Should I increase the number of training sessions?

Interval Jump Roping for Rapid Fat Loss!

Interval Jump Roping for Rapid Fat Loss!

The 30 minute Interval Workout

A majority of my clients are pressed for time, yet motivated for rapid fat loss progress.  Yes in 20-30 minutes, 2-3 sessions per week you can drastically increase your rate of fat loss without any equipment or trip to the gym as a complement to your weight training routines.  Everyone can find 30 minutes a couple times per week to re energize and get rid of unwanted fat.  No need for elaborate heart rate analysis or any other calculations- just hard work.  You must consult with your doctor before starting an interval sprint program to make sure you are healthy enough to engage in this type of exercise.

The goal is to pump up exertion levels gradually which will increase fat burning hormones.

Interval Workouts Are Deceptively Short and Extremely Hard!

30 minutes seems too short to make a difference, no it is not only about the calories burned during the session, but the increase in metabolic rate and fat burning hormone elevation that lasts for many hours following the short routine.  Pick a short distance- for example 50 yards- sprint and it should take 10 sec or even less for someone who is out of running shape.  Walk back to the start in 50 sec and that allows for 10 all out sprints.  Over time you should be able to cut down rest enough to do 20 sprints in that time frame.

Sprinting for Unrivaled Definition

Sprints are not only great for fat loss, but also for improving lower body and abdominal definition.  Check out the chiseled physique of a sprinter vs. a distance runner.  100% of the time the sprinter has a great deal more lean body mass while having very low body fat levels!   The high threshold of work will recruit fast twitch muscle fibers and you will feel like you trained your legs for an hour with heavy loads!  No equipment is needed, only a patch of grass or a track suitable for running.

All my water has a blend of 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis in it all the time and the Muscle Synthesis capsules are used pre/post workout to ensure a constant flow of building/recovery blocks to the muscles themselves. I have used his Vitamins, Fat Reduce FBO5 and Alpha Omega M3's on and off for years, never really getting too serious about fat loss, but certainly maintaining myself while enjoying burgers and fries sometimes. This February, for reasons unknown, I embarked on the current journey towards completing my first Triathlon up in West Point, NY on 8.18. It is the Sprint distance, thus requires all-out effort for at least 1 hour 30 minutes.

All my water has a blend of 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder in it all the time and the Muscle Synthesis capsules are used pre/post workout to ensure a constant flow of building/recovery blocks to the muscles themselves.
I have used his Vitamins, Fat Reduce FBO5 and Alpha Omega M3′s on and off for years, never really getting too serious about fat loss, but certainly maintaining myself while enjoying burgers and fries sometimes.
This February, for reasons unknown, I embarked on the current journey towards completing my first Triathlon up in West Point, NY on 8.18. It is the Sprint distance, thus requires all-out effort for at least 1 hour 30 minutes.

Advanced Interval Sprinting Tactics Interval sprints can also be applied to recumbent bikes, stationary bikes, road bikes, elliptical machines, stair climbers, swimming, with a jump rope and more.  Our advanced clients will execute programs which include a rotation of venues, tension/incline manipulation and interval timing progressions to achieve the single digit body fat % needed to show off a Razor Sharp Set Abs!

Due to the risk of falling we do not suggest using a treadmill for this routine. 30 minutes before the workout Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to preserve muscle and force the body to use more stored fat as fuel during exercise.

5-10 minutes of active movement with a gradual increase of intensity to improve coordination and elevate body temperature.  Early Morning workouts, injuries or cold temperatures require a more detailed warm up to prepare for intense training.

Training Session

The Sprints should be done at a maximal intensity to gain the most benefit of the workout.  The quality of the sprints may be low to start pending the base of fitness, but aim to improve performance gradually.  Do not start a sprinting workout without first seeking approval for your doctor.

Sprint distance 50 yards

Sprint 50 yards which should take 6-10 seconds.  Jog or walk back to the starting line so that you can start the next sprint after 50 seconds.  The goal is to achieve one sprint per minute initially.  Repeat this cycle 10 times for a total of 10 sprints.  If the intensity of the sprint falls by 50% stop the training session to avoid over training.

Improvement Factors

You want to progress by completing more sprints in the 10 minute period by gradually cutting down the jog periods.  For example trimming the jog periods by 10 seconds each will give you another 100 seconds to complete 1-2 additional intervals increasing the workout load by 10-20%.  Improving the intensity of the sprints is also a factor, the faster you can cover the distance the better your results will be!

Very well conditioned trainees can complete twenty 50 yard sprints in the 20-30 minute period, and after this is achieved a new strategy is needed to avoid staleness including different sprint distances and timing periods.

Fat Reduce FBO5 is not a product intended for people looking for a miracle cure while sitting on the couch, rather those who eat and exercise properly will earn results much faster.  Quite simply Fat Reduce FBO5 makes more of your hard work pay off by breaking through hormonal barriers to fat loss while mobilizing fat to be burned as fuel around the clock.

Fat Reduce FBO5 is not a product intended for people looking for a miracle cure while sitting on the couch, rather those who eat and exercise properly will earn results much faster. Quite simply Fat Reduce FBO5 makes more of your hard work pay off by breaking through hormonal barriers to fat loss while mobilizing fat to be burned as fuel around the clock.


You can perform this workout 2-3 times per week pending your goals and rates of recovery.  This routine should be done on a non weight training day and never on a day following a lower body workout.

Cool Down

Following the sprint session it is best to walk around for 5-10 minutes.  During this time you should be hydrating frequently to replenish lost fluids during training

Enforce the accuracy of the interval timing by using a stop watch.  Completing the workouts with a partner is great for quality control and motivation.  If the session not including warm up and cool down took longer than 10 minutes- timing is off!

Post Workout Nutrition to Accelerate Fat Loss and Eliminate Soreness

Immediately following training it is vital to Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to optimize fat burning elements and to accelerate recovery.

Infinity Fitness INC provides training, fitness, and nutritional information for educational purposes. It is important that you consult with a health professional to ensure that your dietary and health needs are met. It is necessary for you to carefully monitor your progress and to make changes to your nutritional and fitness program to enjoy success. Infinity Fitness does not employ dieticians or health professionals and assumes no responsibility or liability for your personal health and condition. For more information regarding our Limited Warranty for products and services, please see our disclaimer at

This document is provided by Infinity Fitness INC for general guidance only, and does not constitute the provision of health or fitness advice.  The information is provided “as is”  with no assurance or guarantee of completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.  Consult your doctor before making any changes to your exercise, nutrition or supplementation program.

5 Simple Nutrition Tactics for Rapid Fat Loss

karen (2)By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Scott   I struggle with diets and have trouble sticking to anything longer than a week. I had my share pies, cakes, cookies and ice cream over the holidays.  I need your top 5 simple nutrition tips!   Travis 1/04/2014

1. Consume Organic/Grass Fed Protein Sources

The first tip will be to eliminate refined foods and focus on organic food consumption to improve body composition as well as daily energy/performance.  You must give an organic diet adequate time to work in order to earn the full fat burning and energy benefits.

In most cases it takes at least 2 weeks for the body to make positive adaptations such as transitioning to using stored fat as an efficient energy source.  In many cases a month or longer may be needed with an organic plan pending the status of fat cells and many other elements when the program is started.  Poor holiday eating for example creates problems with fat cell function as well as insulin sensitivity.

2. Macronutrient Cycle to Prevent Fat Loss Plateaus

We include macronutrient cycling strategies which are easy to implement in all of our client nutrition plans. Just like training, the nutrition must also change strategically to prevent metabolic staleness, increase fat burning enzymes and to optimize fat burning hormones.  Adding more carbohydrate to certain meals on one training day per week is an example of macronutrient cycling.  The timing, amounts and types of carbohydrates consumed are very important.  Clients also implement dietary fat and protein loading to support rapid body transformations and improved performance.

Infinity Fitness client

Infinity Fitness Customized Consultation client Rich L 13% to 6.8% Body Fat in 12 weeks

We use Alpha Omega M3 during all meals which contain carbohydrate to optimize insulin sensitivity and prevent excess raw materials from spilling over into fat cells. The proprietary ratios of ingredients within Alpha Omega M3 drive nutrients into hungry muscles when taken during the meal following training.

3. Rotate Protein Sources to Prevent Food Irritations

Consuming the same foods consistently can cause the body to build irritations which can present as bloating, difficulty with body fat loss, sluggishness, rashes and more.  Switching up your protein sources in particular will also prevent nutrition plan boredom.   We encourage clients to try new food sources regularly and always focus on organic/grass fed choices.  Changing the way protein sources are cooked can also help to prevent building irritations. Try grilling, baking, pan frying, oven broiling and more!

4. Improve Your Post Workout Nutrition Strategy

Whey Protein is one of the more common irritants we run into with clients as the highly concentrated dairy proteins can cause havoc quickly.  If you are going to use protein powders, rotate them often and take notice of how you are feeling 30 minutes following consumption.  If you are having stomach discomfort – it is very likely related to the protein powder consumed.

Flood the Nutrient Super Highway with Perfect Building Blocks

During training we pump a huge volume of blood into working muscles which acts as a nutrient superhighway.  Introducing protein powder and sugar sources post training diverts blood to the digestive tract to assist with digestion and reduces the size of the nutrient Super Highway. Naturally Flavored 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder consumed before, during and immediately after training bypass digestive hang ups to take full advantage of targeted blood flow to deliver the perfect ratios of amino acid raw materials to hard working muscles. Dr. Serrano’s ground-breaking research and patient experiments determined the exact ratios of amino acids needed to be easily assimilated for new muscle growth.

Interval Training for Rapid Fat Loss

Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis before and after customized interval programs for rapid fat loss and recovery.

5. Cleanse Your Fat Cells to Slash Your Stubborn Body Fat!

You mentioned bad food choices during the holidays which gave plenty of time for fat storing momentum to build up quickly.  The junk food in particular screws up insulin sensitivity making your body over release insulin, the most powerful fat storing hormone every time you eat. Trans Fats found in the majority of package goods, breads, baked goods and other bad fats in fried items lodge into the fat cells making the belly fat cells expand quickly and interfere with the utilization of stored fat as fuel.  Alpha Omega M3 contain the ideal ratios of ingredients to cleanse fat cells and optimize insulin sensitivity so you can quickly become a fat burning machine!

Email to discuss your goals so that you can get on the Fast Track to Fat Loss Success today!

High Density Training for Rapid Fat Loss

Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis pre, during and immediately post training to accelerate Fat Burning, Performance, Rates of Recovery and Muscle growth.

Earn Great Guns and a “Look Great with Your Shirt Off Body” by Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre, during and immediately post training to accelerate Fat Burning, Performance, Rates of Recovery and Muscle growth.

Learn How to Earn “Look Great With Your Shirt Off Condition”

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Our clients not only want to burn significant amounts of body fat quickly and they want to keep it off permanently!  As a result we have perfected comprehensive training, nutrition, supplementation, and recovery techniques to deliver rapid body transformations while accommodating very busy schedules.  Were you satisfied with your progress last year?  If not it is time to upgrade your strategies to deliver the “look great with your shirt off body” you have been working towards your entire adult life!  Start the New Year off right with the time efficient plan to fit your specific needs by emailing today!

Mechanical Advantage Strip Set Training.  Video Demonstrations          Part 1,       Part 2,       Part 3,       Part 4.

Boost Fat Burning Hormones

Execute High Density weight training routines specifically designed to sky rocket fat burning hormones! Packing a high quality of work into a relatively short period of time is ideal not only for rapid fat burning, but also for avoiding over training by keeping training sessions to 45 minutes or less.  High Density training concepts are defined by simultaneously improving work output during a gradually shorter training session over the course of a 6 week program.  You should eagerly approach training sessions with a focused effort knowing that every intense minute will get you closer to your “shirt off” goals.

Eliminate Belly Fat Fast Like Infinity Fitness consultation Client Daniel.

Eliminate Belly Fat Fast Like Infinity Fitness Training and Nutrition Consultation Client Daniel.

Finally Shed Stubborn Fat

We have all have time and schedule constraints so maximizing efficiency is a top priority with 3 weight training sessions and a couple of interval sprint session done at home 2 times per week.   Keeping training sessions to 45 minutes or less and Amino Loading with Dr. Eric Serrano’s proprietary blends- 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre/post training can prevent increases in stress hormones associated with muscle wasting and body fat accumulation while increasing the utilization of stored fat as fuel. Clients who have a higher than average stress level and associated stubborn belly fat will earn noticeable gut fat reductions within a matter of weeks by cutting down the session length in favor of a higher quality of training!

Strategic Training Progressions Every Week Drive Fat Burning

To maximize body fat loss your weight training routines must change strategically every 6 weeks. Advanced clients earn much faster rates of body fat loss with increased challenges built into the rep, tempo, and rest period schemes every 2 to 3 weeks.   Gaining strength may not be a priority to you; however improved performance drives increases in fat burning hormones.  Furthermore gradual increases in strength help men to increase lean muscle mass which is crucial for increasing the size of the calorie burning engine while improving the physique.

Customized Consultation Success

Notice we say change strategically; changing plans at random based on the latest magazine article with fancy pictures is not the best way to go.  Make sure your hard work pays off with every intense session by getting customized programs to fit your specific needs and aggressive goals.  Check out our Infinity Fitness Customized Training and Nutrition Consultation success stories here.

Method to the Fat Burning Madness- One Size Does Not Fit All!

We effectively utilize many dozens of different training concepts pending client individual needs, experience levels, injury status, muscle imbalances, performance bench marks and body composition goals.

Pushing It to the Limit

The human body can accomplish fantastic things when the appropriate training, nutrition and recovery methods are put into use.  Anyone can train with short rest periods using those feather weight pastel colored dumbbells from the aerobics classes.  However building up the work capacity to push around heavy loads using disciplined rep speeds with short rest is an unstoppable fat burning and muscle growing force.   In theory this Metabolic Pinnacle is possible to reach, however few are willing to work hard enough in the gym to make it happen.  The massive increase of lactic acid from High Density Training is a precursor to all powerful fat burning growth hormone.  The greater the quality of the workout, the higher the fat burning rewards!  At the same time heavy loading stimulates muscles fibers creating a growth opportunity

We do not want to eliminate the Lactic Acid; we just want to buffer the levels by Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder so we can bust out more high quality reps which separate the men from the boys! A 5-10% increase in work out put each week drives much faster fat loss and muscle growth vs. those who just go through the motions.  How do we know the exact ingredient ratios needed not only to sustain high work output, accelerate fat burning and to lay the foundation for rapid muscle growth and repair?  Muscle Biopsies, successful patient trials and hormonal blood analysis work were crucial to help Dr. Serrano crack the genetic code and determine the ideal ratios of raw materials.

Fat Cell Cleansing for a Great Six Pack

Far more than just a toxin filtrated EFA formula- Dr. Serrano designed the Alpha Omega M3 to optimize fat burning through several pathways using a proprietary blend of researched ingredients.

Double Your Training Efficiency

Alternating antagonistic super sets such as a 30 degree incline semi neutral grip press with a chest supported UH row allows for faster recovery of the nervous system and muscles between sets vs. other approaches.  Strength levels will increase dramatically with properly designed programs supporting accelerated muscle growth for men and improved definition for women.

Stuck in the Past? Or a Lean Physique Future?

Do not revert to prior programs that you are simply comfortable with for the sake of doing so.  Programs that were productive in the past will not work as well the second time around as conditions are constantly changing including recovery capacity, hormones, muscle imbalances and more!  The longer you have been training, the faster the nervous system becomes bored with training programs making new training stimuli absolutely crucial for success.

Look out for Part 2- Top Fat Burning Training Tips! Coming Soon!