6 Proven Strategies for Finishing the Year 10 pounds Leaner and Significantly Stronger!

How would you like a body like this for the Summer?

Earning a Great Physique starts with proper execution of an Infinity Fitness Customized Training and Nutrition plan built for your needs!

6 Proven Strategies for Finishing the Year 10 Pounds Leaner and Significantly Stronger!

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Scott I am as lean as I have ever been right now, but I am afraid I will not be able to hold on to the progress made this summer.  Last fall through the end of the year I gained 15 pounds of body fat and lost at least 5 pounds of “hard to get” muscle.  You have designed programs for a friend of mine for years and he keeps improving year round.  What can I do to prevent increasing body fat and losing muscle from October through the end of the year? Mike

1. Get a Customized Training and Nutrition Plan to Ensure your hard work pays off every day.  See Client Success Stories

2. Don’t make excuses or put off success until Jan 1 as this will result in piling on body fat fast.

3. Set goals and attach the strategies needed to support success.

4. Execute the Correct Holiday Cheat Meal + Tailgate Strategies to prevent body fat accumulation.

5. Tired of constantly Pursuing Fat Loss? Prime the system for single digit body fat by Increasing Lean Muscle which burns calories 24×7!

6. Ladies don’t buy into tabloid nonsense- “Cardio” does not work- Weight Training and Intervals Geared Specifically for Fat Burning work FAST!


Macronutrient Cycling for Rapid Fat Loss

Hear are some clues- the nutrition plan just like training must also be changed strategically to avoid metabolic staleness every 4-6 weeks. Macronutrient cycling is one of the greatest nutrition discoveries over the last 25 years. Changing the macronutrient amounts forces the body to use more stored fat as fuel by changing metabolic patterns and increasing fat burning enzymes.

Cold Weather + Shorter Days Lead to Poor exercise and nutrition choices

Mike as you know we are entering a very dangerous time of year with weather getting cooler and holiday distractions soon to follow.  Shorter days and less sunlight will lead to lower motivation levels which reduce the number of quality training sessions per week.  Furthermore the changes in weather also limit outdoor activities.  In my experience poor holiday eating kicks off with Halloween as mountains of candy remain well into November to serve as a near constant stimulator of body fat accumulation. 



Rapid Fat Storage Holidays Kick off with Halloween

It is easy to pile on 15 pounds of body fat from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Festivities combined.  Gaining the ugly belly fat is not the only problem, damage done to fat cells by clogging them up with Trans Fats as well as the hormonal environment cannot be reversed overnight making the start of the year dedicated to cleaning up the mess created during the last few months of the previous year.

“Maintenance” is a Recipe for Adding Fat to your Belly and Buttocks!

Body fat begins to pile on very quickly when people turn to the failed line of thinking- I will focus on body fat loss Jan 1, between now and the end of the year I will “maintain”. This is a guilt removal tactic that allows people to justify poor eating and a lack of exercise for months on end.  Each and every day we are getting significantly better or worse with no middle-ground. In other words- the concept of Maintenance is a failed strategy and another reason why the average American Packs on 15 pounds of body fat during November-December alone.

GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer

Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer
Attack your stubborn body fat including dangerous Visceral Fat while doubling the rates of Muscle Growth and Power Increases.

Watch Dr. Serrano describe the unique fat burning benefits of  GCX10


Supporting Long Term Lean Body with Great Energy!

Following a summer of earning single digit to low teen body fat %s needed for a defined set of abs; many of my consultation clients are looking towards new goals to keep training fresh.  This is the perfect time of year to focus on gaining lean muscle mass without accumulating body fat which can only be accomplished with a properly designed training, nutrition, supplementation and recovery program to fit individual client needs. Training to gain lean muscle mass is a welcome change enabling trainees to increase weight loads with proper form, increase volume utilize longer rest periods between sets.

Weight Training for Rapid Fat Loss To Burn 10 Pounds of Ugly Body Fat FAST!

A significant contrast to the high density training routines which feature short rest periods to drive up fat burning hormones.   Just like training the nutrition plan must change strategically to support new goals and to gain muscle mass trainees can eat significantly more than during a fat loss period.  Cooler weather allows for more emphasis on weight training while holiday eating and tailgates provide great cheat meal opportunities to accelerate muscle growth.

Cheat Meals to Burn more Fat and Gain More Muscle

Yes you can indulge in holiday eating if you follow the correct strategies to feed muscle while starving fat cells.  Our clients have prevented body fat accumulation when taking 6 to 9 Alpha Omega M3 with large holiday meals through several proven pathways.  Quite simply the fat cells prioritize absorbing Dr. Serrano’s proprietary blend of raw materials instead of garbage in the blood stream.  Furthermore Alpha Omega M3 based on many years of hormonal blood work is designed to keep fat storage hormones from running wild.

Cleansing The Fat Cell

There are many misconceptions about body fat- it is made up of billions of fat cells, some we are born with and others created by bad food choices such as corn oil used in frying and Trans fats within a countless number of packaged goods you have consumed over your life time.  Trans fats were designed to extend shelf life and to lower the fat intake on food labels leading consumers to believe items are “diet friendly” choices.  Nothing could be further from the truth as in actuality these fake fats are very hard to get rid of.  Doughnuts you consumed years ago and last week have left a trail of trouble that you must clean up to restore proper fat cell function.  Otherwise progress will be painfully slow.

Why Binging On The Wrong Foods Causes Long Term Damage

Highly stressed people often binge and their sources are typically highly refined foods which have tons of fat storing attributes, but the trouble does not end there.  The left over toxins, trans fats etc. lodge in the fat cells forcing an unwanted expansion and inhibit the use of stored materials as fuel.  The best way to get these cells back into fat burning mode is to purge the garbage with a high dosage of Alpha Omega M3 to not only change the raw material landscape, but to also optimize the hormonal environment- limiting the fat storing impact of stress.  Optimizing insulin sensitivity can stop hunger and cravings in their tracks quickly getting rid of the greatest barriers to success.

New Muscle = Less Fat Long Term

Keep in mind that every pound of new muscle burns calories 24×7 which sets the stage for rapid fat loss Jan 1.  Too many people chase body fat loss year round and as a result stall out metabolism and create a sluggish hormonal environment.  Nutrition and training plans designed to support rapid muscle growth without body fat accumulation have a great long term impact on optimizing metabolism as well as fat burning hormones. Consultation clients who add 5 to 10 pounds of new muscle over 8 to 12 weeks while maintaining the same body fat percentage improve their physiques by look significantly leaner and more muscular.

Women Must Use High Density Weight Training to Burn Body Fat!

Women often avoid weight training intensely out of fear of gaining huge amounts of muscle overnight.  I have never seen a female client add a significant amount of lean muscle mass by accident.  Get that myth out of your head!   Intense weight training to drive rapid fat burning is the link many women are missing in the success equation.  Short Interval sprints done on non-training days supports more than double the rate of fat loss in comparison to steady state cardio!

GCX10 is an advanced weapon designed to attack extremely stubborn and visceral fat without the use of stimulants. Research shows that key GCX10 ingredient Lactoferrin interferes with the accumulation of fat in cells, prevents the formation of new fat cells and increases the utilization of stored fat to be burned as fuel.

Belly Fat Burning Published Research

A Ground Breaking 8 week study published in the British Journal of Medicine during 2010 demonstrated that daily intake of Lactoferrin produced a significant decrease in visceral fat and total body fat. The group using Lactoferrin lost an average of 1.79 inches of body fat from their waist while the control group lost only .35 inches over the same time period. (1) The  GCX10 proprietary ingredient blend includes more Lactoferrin in 4 capsules than what was used in the study to accelerate client belly fat burning!

The group using Lactoferrin lost an average of 1.79 inches of body fat from their waist while the control group lost only .35 inches over the same time period. (1) The  GCX10 proprietary ingredient blend includes more Lactoferrin in 4 capsules than what was used in the study to accelerate client belly fat burning!

Dr. Serrano also designed the  GCX10 to activate the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor for improved mental focus, reduced anxiety and a higher tolerance for discomfort during high intensity exercise without the use of stimulants.  The proprietary blend of ingredients has enabled clients to use higher loads with proper form while achieving more reps and sets with the increased loads.  Triple Stack will push you to the limit, requiring the right mindset and tools to support highly productive training sessions.

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Pedal you’re A$$ off During Interval Sprints for Rapid Fat Burning!

Infinity Fitness Consultations

Jump Roping for Rapid Fat Loss is one of many forms of intervals our clients use to Double their rate of Fat Loss

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Double your Rate of Fat Burning vs. Steady State Cardio

Implementing 2 or 3 -30 minute interval sessions per week in addition to well designed nutrition and weight training plans can help you double the rate of fat loss.

These sessions are no “stroll in the park” as the higher the work quality- the faster the fat is burned! Steady state cardio is a waste of time for people who are not obese and often counter- productive as it teaches the body to constantly store fat instead of burning for several reasons.


Boost Fat Burning for the Next 24 Hours or More

The objective is to accelerate metabolism dramatically and boost fat burning hormones for the 24 to 48 hour period following the session. A synergistic training schedule including interval sessions on non-weight training days ensures that our customized consultation clients are in fat burning over drive 7 days per week! We use an endless number interval venues/equipment, sprint timings and more based on specific client needs. Just like weight training, the programs must progress strategically to keep fat loss going quickly!


TOM Gets Ripped for Summer
Consultation Tom Used 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3 and Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time and Night time formula on a daily basis to accelerate fat burning, rates of recovery and muscle growth.

Recumbent bike with tension settings Example only to be performed with approval by your doctor.

10 minute warm up with a gradual increase to medium tension while sipping 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder  to increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel and prevent muscle soreness.





15 second sprint- 95% perceived effort

30 second jog pace 70% perceived effort

Repeat above intervals 15-25 times which will equal 11.25- 18.75 furious fat burning minutes.

Recovery Break: Half way through slow down for 2 minutes to drink 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis.

fire 4GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer taken 30 minutes before exercise attacks dangerous Visceral and Stubborn body fat while improving endurance without stimulants.


After Burn: 10 minute cool down with medium tension while sipping on 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis.

How Hard are you Really Sprinting?

If you feel like you have energy left in the tank after 18.5 minutes of sprints, your effort was lousy! Your entire lower body will be surged with blood flow a few minutes into the training session which is good as this blood flow acts a nutrient super highway to deliver the specific raw materials from the  100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder (naturally flavored with Stevia now available), supporting rapid utilization by the muscles while optimizing the anabolic hormonal environment naturally. Protein powders for example draw blood away from the muscles and into the stomach to assist with digestion and this reduces the size of your highway.

Work Smarter and Harder to Burn Fat Fast

There is no shortage of people busting their butts in the gym around the country- weight training for hours on end with endless cardio sessions, but how many actually get to single digit body fat % to show off razor sharp abs without steroids? Less than 1%! Our clients are demanding and impatient, we drive their rapid success by working smarter- not by adding tons of training volume or starving them!

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Get Rid of the Bloated Beer Belly to Show off Your Abs

Get Rid of the Bloated Beer Belly to Show off Your Abs

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Scott I am losing fat at a good rate, but I still look like I have a beer belly making me look fatter than I actually am. What is causing this look and how to I get rid of it? Troy Nashville

Troy a buildup of visceral fat packed between the organs which is very stubborn as well as dangerous is causing the protruding or beer belly look that is making you look fatter. High levels of visceral fat are associated with insulin resistance, elevated estrogen and other factors which increase body fat and sluggishness.

The longer these hormonal trends are in place, the harder they can be to reverse so trainees should attack this problem right away!

GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer
GCX10- NEW Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer Attack your stubborn body fat including dangerous Visceral Fat while Doubling the rates of Muscle Growth and Power Increases.

A combination of elements can support burning visceral fat including frequent intense training and using a low carbohydrate diet to keep insulin levels in check. You must avoid Trans Fats, corn/soy bean oil, sugar and refined foods. Alpha Omega M3 is designed to cleanse fat cells to force out these bad materials that you have consumed in the past while optimizing insulin sensitivity. Both key factors to reducing belly fat long term so you can show off a great set of ABS!

Belly Fat Burning Published Research

A Ground Breaking 8 week study published in the British Journal of Medicine during 2010 demonstrated that daily intake of Lactoferrin produced a significant decrease in visceral fat and total body fat. The group using Lactoferrin lost an average of 1.79 inches of body fat from their waist while the control group lost only .35 inches over the same time period. (1) The GCX10 proprietary ingredient blend includes more Lactoferrin in 4 capsules than what was used in the study to accelerate client belly fat burning!

Why is GCX10 highly effective for Professional Athletes?

GCX10 enables the Body to Focus More Attention on Improving Body Comp and Performance.

It is not easy being on the road, changing time zones, being away from family, dealing with the media, playing or practicing every day for hours on end and encountering the stressors of everyday life without feeling run down or sick.  All of these physical and mental factors increase stress hormones and compromise immunity.  Lactoferrin is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful immunity boosting agents which is prominent in breast milk.  Glycine lowers cortisol and aids in muscle repair which in combination with ATP and Lactoferrin makes GCX10 a powerful recovery agent.  The higher your immunity levels- the more attention the body can focus on burning fat, building muscle and improving performance. 

Scientific References

(1) Potent anti-obesity effect of enteric-coated lactoferrin: decrease in visceral fat accumulation in Japanese men and women with abdominal obesity after 8-week administration of enteric-coated lactoferrin tablets. British Journal of Nutrition. 2010 Dec;104(11):1688-95. E publication  2010 Aug 9.

DigestA+Lean Protein

DigestA+Lean Protein, formerly (Get Lean Protein) has a new name, but the same powerful formula scientifically engineered by Dr. Eric Serrano MD.

Our mission? To create a highly effective protein supplement which has a dramatic impact on body composition, performance and recovery. While many protein supplements claim to improve many factors most simply set off food allergies and sensitivities linked to bloating, stomach distress, fatigue, excessive body fat and poor digestion. DigestA+Lean protein contains a revolutionary blend of hypo allergenic ingredients in specific ratios determined by Dr. Serrano’s extensive hands on research with real people- not lab rats! The end result a power packed protein product that not only avoids allergy pit falls, but also supports proper digestion and nutrient utilization to fuel the human machine.

Dr. Serrano a friend of mine got his hands on your new protein product samples and he says it actually made his stomach feel better and got rid of bloating-now his abs are ripped, who do I have to kill to get some for myself?

My cell phone mailbox has been full for weeks “DigestA+Lean Protein”; people who I have not heard from in years are calling me for samples based on what they have heard from members of the first trial group who experienced big improvements! I finalized a revolutionary protein blend that ensures optimal absorption without bloating, cramping, gas while optimizing fat burning, performance and muscle growth. The combination of 4 hypoallergenic proteins along with prebiotic and dietary fiber components can improve the amount of good stomach bacteria vital for nutrient uptake 24/7. The digestive problems encountered by a majority of people using shakes indicate poor nutrient absorption related to allergies and protein intolerances.

Let’s make this very simple, the more quality nutrients your body can utilize the better your physique will be. Eat all of the quality food you want, but if your gut is not working properly much of it will go to waste or build up in your intestines to give you that undesirable bloated look.

Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis is always going to be the solid gold standard before and immediately after training. Amino Loading does a great job of optimizing the hormonal environment to support increased utilization of fat as fuel during exercise while simultaneously providing raw materials for both energy and new muscle growth. DigestA+Lean Protein uses a completely different pathway to augment the raw material pool- providing a second title wave of nutrients 30-40 minutes following training.

Ground Breaking Protein Supports Optimal Nutrient Absorption +Utilization

The 4 different proteins along with other special ingredients deliver rapid and slowly released nutrients to supply a sustained raw material flow throughout the critical couple hours following training.  Many of the ingredients are not used in any of the popular proteins on the market largely due to the lack of knowledge about their functions and the high cost of quality raw materials.

The ingredient ratios took me a few years to figure out via human trials, but better late than never. My goal was not create a meal replacement, but rather a nutrient enhancer that can be used along with food while actually creating an impact on the bottom line. This is not a taste driven convenience item, but rather a powerful body comp changing tool.

I suppose I would make a ton of money telling people they should consume exclusively shakes instead of food, but I have seen that strategy work over the years and I refuse to feed people lies. Using DigestA+Lean Protein along with a meal can actually improve the uptake of all of the food sources due to the positive impact on digestion. Eating a combination of proteins such as beef and fish in the same sitting offers many advantages due to the variety of nutrients that can be presented. There are times between meals when amino loading and DigestA+Lean are appropriate, but make sure to get at least 3-4 solid food meals per day.

The sleep phase is a unique opportunity to send fat burning and muscle growing signals to the brain which can create a favorable hormonal release. Feedback on the taste of DigestA+Lean Protein is excellent and it contains 0 sugar, if you are needing to bulk up the carb content try adding some honey to the DigestA+Lean for your post workout drink. A special amino acid in the formula is protein sparring allowing other ingredients to be used for rapid muscle repair during sleep. Added dietary fiber supports prolonged nutrient delivery and based on many studies actually reduces hunger at night and the next morning.

We now invite you to try DigestA+Lean protein for yourself to help you achieve your aggressive goals!