21 Rapid Fat Loss Tips Part 1

Blast Belly Fat Fast with Fat Reduce FBO5

“The proper training, nutrition, supplementation and recovery strategies can naturally optimize the hormonal environment leading to an average of 10-20 pounds of fat loss in 30 to 60 days primarily from the mid-section. I have reviewed tens of thousands of patient blood work tests over the last 15 years and know exactly what ratios lead to rapid fat loss success” Eric Serrano MD

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

1. Cleanse Fat Cells to Lower body Fat Levels and Keep them low forever!

Your fat cells are the storage ware house for excess materials- fill up this space with good fats and you can prevent accumulation of new body fat. The body is very smart- provide it with tons of good fats and it will suck them up filling cells rather quickly. Alpha Omega M3 was designed to provide all of the great benefits of Omega 3 while being engineered to maximize body comp improvements. Take 6-9 Alpha Omega M3 caps per day along with good dietary fat choices with meals and watch your pants waist stay loose and your sleeves get tight with new increases in muscle! Loading up on the right combination of essential fats can also optimize insulin sensitivity putting the body into a better situation for rapid fat burning.

Fat Cell Cleansing with Alpha Omega M3 will help you earn the coveted Six Pack abs and keep them razor sharp forever!

great Abs

2. Avoid Trans Fat Consumption-Make your Fat Cells Kick out Stored Fat

Fat cells are storage dumps of stored energy, unfortunately this reserve builds up to be much larger than nature intended due to the negative impact of trans fats and other chemicals which retard fat cell function. Trans fats were designed to prolong product shelf life and these properties make them much more difficult to get rid of once they enter the fat cells.

As a result fat cells are great at sucking up material and expanding, but lose their ability to kick out stored material to be used as fuel. This recipe is the reason for your fat bulging disasters in the love handles and other sensitive areas. Alpha Omega M3 contains the specific ratio of ingredients needed to revive optimal fat cell function so that your body can purge the materials filling your trouble spot fat pockets. IN addition to being a powerful craving stopping device, Alpha Omega M3 interferes with the entire fat storage process making it very difficult for the body to turn excess energy into body fat.

3. Do Not Drink Fruit Juices.

A healthy glass of OJ each morning- no way!  It is poison in my book.  Fresh squeezed orange juice including the fiber from the pulp would be my preference.  The glycemic index rating for oranges is moderate while orange juice is sky high partially due to added sugars put in juices.  Remember the glycemic index determines blood sugar and insulin levels.  This is the first thing I pull out of any diet especially if there are juvenile behavior problems.  Use real fruits for your nutrient needs and remember to include avocados and grapefruit which both fit well in most fat loss plans.

4. Eliminate the Consumption of Refined Foods

Most acknowledge that refined foods such as bread, pasta, packaged baked goods, cereal etc support the storage of body fat.  Do not be fooled by whole wheat bread, pitas, tortillas and other products that also contained enriched flour.  In many cases these items are the same as their white counter parts with some added coloring.

5. Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder Before and After Exercise

Amino Loading is a term we use to describe the powerful combination of  100% MR and  Muscle Synthesis Powder which efficiently deliver a proprietary blend of amino acids in a rapid fashion. Consumed before training this unique combo forces the body to use more stored fat as fuel during exercise while also helping the trainee to shift to a more anabolic (fat burning) hormonal environment.

During and after training the strategic ratios of amino acids developed by Dr. Serrano provide an alternative energy source to support improved training performance (especially important during a low carb diet) and lay the building blocks needed for new muscle growth.  Following training your first priority should be accelerating recovery and Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis provides the critical ratios of amino acids needed to be quickly assimilated into hungry muscles.

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder are highly effective not only due to the high quality and amounts of raw materials, but the specific ratios which allow for rapid utilization by the muscles while optimizing the anabolic hormonal environment naturally.

Following years of hormonal blood work, muscle biopsies, performance evaluations and body comp testing- the formulas have been perfected and deliver unmatched results- every time!” Eric Serrano MD

6. Protein Shakes Provide too little- Too Late

A protein shake post workout alone does not do the job, during training you pump blood into the muscles to act as a nutrient super highway to carry in raw materials.   Drinking a shake following training will draw blood away from the muscles and into the stomach to support digestion which deteriorates much of the raw material value and slows down the delivery of nutrients.  

Timing is critical and there is no time to spare post workout. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder rapidly deliver the raw materials needed as they bypass digestion barriers and get right into the blood stream to take advantage of the hormonal and metabolic conditions created by training. For more information about the pre and post workout window of opportunity click HERE. 

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Noora Looks Great- You can too!

Noora has cleansed her fat cells!


Want to Slash 10 to 20 lbs. of body fat in 30 days or less- there is still time!

The peak of Summer has arrived and there is still time to slash body fat and look great ASAP at the beach or pool!

Over 15 years working with thousands of successful clients to support their rapid fat loss goals I have identified 3 key elements essential for success.  It is as simple EQC!

• Execute the appropriate nutrition, training, supplementation and recovery strategies for your specific needs.
• Quality of Execution.
• Consistency of Execution.

Consultation Client Justin goes from 15 to 6% body fat Fast

Consultation Client Justin goes from 15 to 6% body fat Fast

Most people under estimate the value of the nutrition, training, supplementation, and recovery plans, thinking hard work alone will enable them to reach their goals.  Just take a look in any gym across the nation from 5 to 7 pm every day and you will find numerous people busting their butts for lousy progress.  90% or more of the average people going to the gym make little to know progress over time as their strategies do not fit their needs.  There is no shortage of people working hard, but very few work hard and SMART to maximize their success.

The quickest path to losing 10-20 pound of body fat in 30 days or less is a customized training and nutrition program.  Check out the picture of my client Justin above to see the kind of results my clients earn on regular basis!  This is most definitely the case for those who have genetic barriers that have limited their fat loss success in the past. Let’s face it; life is not fair as it relates to genetics.

Eating “Clean” is Not Enough to Earn a Low Body Fat Level

I wish I had a penny for every time someone told me they were just going to eat “clean” to lose body fat.  There is much more to the success equation.  The amount of food, protein, dietary fat and carbohydrate ratios, food combinations, timing and more must all be manipulated to accelerate the burning of stored fat as fuel.  Our nutrition plans are so advanced that they are simple to execute!  You cannot eat the same foods all of the time and rely only on lowering calories to consistently lose body fat!

Those who cannot take the customized route can use the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition program as it is highly effective and extremely easy to execute.  The KISS program includes many advanced tactics including macronutrient cycling, modified fasting and more to drive rapid- yet permanent body fat loss.

Interval Training for Rapid Fat Loss

Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before and after customized interval programs for rapid fat loss and recovery.

Are you Really Pushing Yourself?

 Redefining Intensity!

I personally review consultation client weight training workout data every 2 to 4 weeks and based on years of experience I know what people are capable of doing.  In many cases I must help clients redefine the intensity of their workouts to accelerate fat loss. Yes intensity is partially measured by gradually increasing weight loads, but we do so while executing perfect form, tempo (Rep Speed) while keeping to the strict rest periods.

A small increase in training quality in the gym and when doing intervals accounts for a huge boost of fat burning hormone levels! If you think dusting off an old training routine that worked well years or ago or dreaming up a routine on your way to the gym is the way to go- you are dead wrong!

The details are very important and you must make the body work gradually harder over the course of a 6 week plan to maximize fat burning benefits.  You must take advantage of the nervous system to maximize your work output while keeping rest periods very short.  This is not just mind over matter in the gym.  The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder will increase your work capacity while increasing the utilization of stored fat as fuel and allow for a much higher training output leading to a big increase in fat burning hormones.  Putting out this type of effort several times per week requires the recovery benefits of the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to avoid over training.

Holding Yourself Accountable with The Success Calendar

I developed the Success Calendar as a simple method for clients to track the quality and consistency of their execution in a simple format.  You can get a free copy of the Success Calendar by emailing Scott@infinityfitness.com.

You simply score specific tasks such as training, nutrition, rest and supplementation with a 1, 2 or a 3 on a daily basis.  This enables you to look back at a period of a month to see how well you did with your execution.  My clients who score over 90% always earn great progress quickly.  Those over 95% are the ones make miraculous improvements.

Be Patient and Good Progress Will Be Earned!

Keep in mind that it takes time to earn the body of your dreams and for most people the entire mission cannot be accomplished in only 30 days.  Your body fat problems did not transpire overnight, so they will resolve instantly either!  You can earn much faster progress during months 2 and 3 of a properly designed plan in comparison to month 1 as it takes time to build metabolic and hormonal momentum! 

Making the Grade!

How consistently are you executing your program?

5 days out of 7 you are perfect with diet and let it slide on the weekends?   That will not be good enough for rapid fat loss.  Keep in mind that losing 10-20 pounds of body fat in 30 days or less is not an easy task and requires a great effort.  However when losing body fat the right way by optimizing metabolism and hormone levels – you will not suffer a rebound of body fat accumulation like 99% of people.

Noora with Great Abs

Cleanse Fat Cells with Alpha Omega M3 for Great ABS

Alpha Omega M3 eliminates cravings while accelerating body fat loss through multiple pathways.    The Alpha Omega M3 is not only a great investment in lowering body fat levels quickly, but also keeping them low long term by creating several powerful barriers to body fat accumulation. You can Make Some Sacrifices for 30 to 90 Days in Exchange for Dramatic Transformations!

Maintaining body fat loss is much easier than burning it off fast, allowing for much more freedom with the diet during the maintenance periods.  Yes to maximize your fat loss progress you will need to make some sacrifices, however it is only for a short period of time.

You make it the gym most of the time, but some training sessions are at a higher quality than others?  Missing training sessions and poor effort levels will not “cut it”!  Every training session is an opportunity to improve your physique!  Confidence in your plan will fuel the high levels of effort needed for rapid body transformation.

Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis

Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder for Rapid Fat Loss, Muscle Recovery, and Improved Performance.

Proprietary Ratios of Amino Acids within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder accelerate fat burning 24×7! My clients are able to take a very aggressive approach to fat loss without sacrificing muscle.   We use Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis around training and between meals to increase rates of fat burning, protect lean muscle, accelerate recovery, improve energy and destroy cravings for bad food choices.

Taken between meals the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis make the brain believe a massive amount of food has been consumed.  As a result metabolic rate increases, but there is nothing to burn except stored fat since the 100% MR and MS have no caloric burden.  This leaves only body fat to be burned by a raging metabolism.  Placing a scoop of each between meals a couple times per day will have a huge impact on energy levels; this will help to eliminate your midafternoon slump while accelerating fat burning and recovery.

Do not Let Stress get in the Way of your Fat Loss Goals!

Fat Reduce Day Time FBO5 for Rapid Fat Loss and balanced Energy

Fat Reduce Day Time FBO5 for Rapid Fat Loss and balanced Energy

Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time was recently reformulated based on new findings in scientific literature and Dr. Serrano’s patient experimentation. Hormones govern body composition progress and when they get out of whack for a variety of reasons such as high stress and poor sleep they form a huge barrier to success despite perfect diet and training! Dr. Serrano determined an exact ratio of ingredients within the Fat Reduce FBO5 to optimize the hormonal environment for body fat loss, high energy, and improved performance following thousands of patient blood work reviews.

email Scott@infinityfitness.com 7 days per week to discuss your fast track to success.


Building Biceps Peaks

At least a couple times per week callers ask me for top biceps development exercises and strategies to accelerate their progress.  While the strategies by way of sets, reps, tempo and rest can vary widely for individual needs, introducing new movements is crucial for success in all cases.

Here are a couple of my favorites in no particular order based on their efficiency and overall success produced for my clients over the years.  Fixing weak links to improve strength levels and optimize development is a top priority when designing routines for clients.  9 times out of 10 a new client has done standing or seated curls until the cows come home with little or no variety.  As a result strategic weaknesses will be in place limiting their success.

Seated DB Off Set Grip Curl- Great for the Biceps as well as forearm development

Seated Long Head Curl- Awesome contraction of the Biceps Peak!

For the fastest rates of progress Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis before, during and immediately after training to flood muscles with the perfect ratios of raw materials needed for accelerated growth and repair.

Learn more about customized training and nutrition programs to maximize your progress here.


Revolutionary New Water Bottle Makes Amino Loading Anywhere Easy

Get your free bottle with purchase of $250 or more before May 31 2012 or while supplies last
Get your free bottle with purchase of $250 or more before May 31 2012 or while supplies last

Executing a training, nutrition and supplement plan poses some challenges while on the run, but nothing that you cannot handle.  I have helped clients find ways to stay on track with strategies to overcome common barriers.  Keep in mind that consistency of execution is a key to both short and long term success no matter what your goals.

The Best Water Bottle Ever Invented

My business traveling clients especially have benefited from a special water bottle with storage compartments perfect for 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder as well as a separate compartment for capsules with a great divider that can be used for Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce or Muscle Synthesis capsules.  The main cylinder acts as a shaker with a great blending feature that can be removed and washed any time.  Get one of these water bottles free with any order over $250 by May 31 2012 or while promotional supplies last.

Amino Loading on the Run Made Easy

Many of my clients on the run have transitioned to Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis instead of breakfast and find this special water bottle to be very helpful as they can add the powder when ready to drink on a plane, in a cab or just about anywhere.  Amino Loading not only helps with fat burning, but keeps stress levels in check and mental focus razor sharp.

Do Not Let Stress Destroy Your Success

During years of research working with clients from all walks of life, the number one trigger to bad food choices and a lack of exercise was elevated stress.  Dr. Serrano and I have both found through years of feedback that the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis crush cravings while improving energy which helps people stay on track with their programs.

Belly Fat Slashing Special Report

Men have a high density of fat storage receptors around the gut and love handles which are activated by elevated stress hormones such as cortisol. Excessive steady state cardio and low food intake drive cortisol levels even higher compounding the problem. So yes some of your steps have actually set your progress back. Our clients do fantastically well slashing body fat with interval sprints done in a variety of formats and not a single minute of steady state cardio.

“You can train hard and eat “right” for months with NO results or even experience a back slide in progress if the hormonal profile is a mess. Take the correct steps to naturally optimize your hormonal profile and every bit of hard work will pay off.” Eric Serrano MD

Your nutrition and supplement plan must be structured to meet your needs and goals as you are highly carb sensitive since insulin sensitivity is negatively impacted by stress and sub optimal sleep cycles. Poor insulin sensitivity results in an over secretion of the powerful fat storing hormone insulin every time you eat. Intake of refined carbs often craved by people under stress support rapid fat storage. Dr. Serrano’s Alpha Omega M3 is a great tool for changing your fat burning fortunes through several pathways.

Read More of the belly fast slashing special report

Get one of these water bottles free with any order over $250 by May 31 2012 or while promotional supplies last. 


The Simplest Way to lose 5-10lbs of Body Fat in 30 days

Replace your Breakfast by Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis.

This proven tool works very well for Men and Women while preventing hunger and driving up mental energy without stimulants.  For the fastest rate of progress you must optimize the entire nutrition and training plan in addition to replacing breakfast.  Keep checking the blog for more effective tips!

By : Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

I have not eaten breakfast for 10 years and starting now is not possible with the million things I have going on first thing in the morning.   I have a hard time making progress with body comp, low morning energy and strength, what is the next best thing?  a protein shake of some sort?

We are not big fans of using protein shakes first thing in the am especially if they are dairy based since so many people have allergies to them which can present as fatigue, bloating, stomach upset and a lack of energy.  The worst thing you can do to start your day is consume items that do not agree with your system.   Eliminating these allergens is the key to having a high morning energy level, otherwise prepare for a very rough start in many ways.   

 Male and Female Fat Loss- FAST

Our clients have had great success Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to replace breakfast. with using Amino Acid Loading buys 2 to 3 productive hours or possibly longer if fat loss is the goal,  before you would need to eat a solid food meal. Our Male clients have seen big increases in energy, reductions in body fat and increased  muscle mass with this simple tactic.  Females have seen dramatic decreases in body fat by Amino Loading instead of breakfast and between meals later in the day.

Following an overnight fast of many hours the body needs quickly absorbed nutrients to set an anabolic agenda for the next 24 hours. Remember anabolism supports accelerated fat loss, muscle growth and improved performance.   The muscles need raw materials in an easily digestible form with rapid delivery not only to improve body composition, but also for a big mental lift as the right ratio of ingredients activate mental focus.  Stress levels are highest in the early morning for most people which is why there are more heart attacks on Monday morning in comparison to any other time in the week based on Dr. Serrano’s many years as an ER doctor.  That being said, keeping your stress levels in check will help you lead a better a life in more ways than one!

 Breakfast of Physique Champions

The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis fit exactly what you want first thing in the am and are easily portable requiring no more preparation than adding water.  100% MR raises insulin just enough to push the growth factors within the Muscle Synthesis into the Muscles.  Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body playing an important role in the storage of nutrients.  The absence of any food first thing in the am makes no materials available to be converted into stored fat making the insulin spike beneficial in several ways.  Amino acids send powerful signals to the brain and the unique combination within The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis makes the brain believe a large amount of food has been consumed.  As a result metabolic rate is boosted through the roof, but there is nothing to burn except stored fat since the Amino Acids have little caloric value. 

The proprietary ratios exclusive to the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis were developed by Dr. Serrano based on years of research and extensive patient trials including body composition testing, muscle biopsies, performance reviews, hormonal blood work and more.

 The Perfect Brain Fuel

The right combinations of amino acids provide ideal fuel for the brain allowing for a steady level of mental energy with razor sharp concentration.  Why?  Amino Acids are a source for the creation of neurotransmitters.

Time to Eat

When you do have an opportunity to eat start the day off with large amounts of organic protein and dietary fat sources.  If you have been eating eggs every morning for an extended period of time, it is time to rotate off for a few months to get rid of any allergies that may be in place.  Try consuming chicken sausage, turkey bacon, grass fed beef and other protein sources.  Ideally this meal would be bigger than lunch and dinner so the body has ample nutrients through the day.

Keep carbohydrates to a minimum at this meal when wanting to maximize body fat loss unless you trained first thing in the am.  Good carb sources to consider are oatmeal, berries and grapefruit.  Alpha Omega M3 with meals is crucial to optimize fat burning through several pathways which we will discuss in future posts.  Your highest carbohydrate consumption meal should always in include Alpha Omega M3 which helps to force more raw materials into muscles instead of fat cells!