Optimal Loading for Rapid Fat Loss and Muscle Definition

Picking Your Weight Loads Wisely to Get The Most out of Every Set!

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Over the course of a 6 week customized training block we expect clients to gradually increase weight loads throughout the program while maintaining proper form, prescribed rep tempos (speed of each rep) and accurate rest periods.  Fat Burning elevates through several pathways when each subsequent training session out performs the one prior.  Improvements in weight load, and other strategic changes over the 6 week training block also provide fresh stimuli to prevent plateaus.

Having Scott’s direction behind you is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner

dan_afterNo one can guarantee that you will ever reach your fitness goals, and seeing the results of others does not convey rights to you relative to the same outcome; but I will say this– having Scott Mendelson as your trainer increases your odds of reaching your fitness goals dramatically, if you’re willing to put in the work. Having Scott’s direction behind you is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner. Your chances of winning increase exponentially. There’s no question in my mind that without Scott Mendelson’s direction and training blue print, I would never have reach the level of fitness I am enjoying today at age 47. Moreover, the thought of competing at an NPC men’s physique contest amongst competitors 20-28 years younger and dominating was not even a consideration. My advice to you is to make a commitment to work with Scott for at least a year (He doesn’t work miracles) then sit up straight, resolve to work hard-this isn’t beach body 101 or P-90x, take a deep breath, and call Scott Mendelson—that’s if you want to see results.

- Dan L 05/05/2012

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We suggest 2 to 3 warm up sets to practice proper form and to identify the correct loading to use for the work sets listed in the program.  The warm up sets should use the same execution details as the planned training session that day to support an excellent training performance.

Repetition Brackets to Determine the Right Load Every Time!

(6-8) listed in the repetition column means that if you get 8 reps with proper rep speed and form that you should move up in weight load 2.5 to 5 pounds for the next work set pending the exercise.  If you execute 6 or 7 reps keep the weight load the same for the next set, however if you were to get less than 6 reps this would indicate that you should move down in load for the following set.

karen (2)

Clients are amazed by how much strength progress they earn over time by using proper load selection.  100% of the time, a stronger client is a client with excellent body composition, improved functional strength and a reduced rate of injury when strength deficits are properly addressed with exercise selection.

The KISS rapid fat Loss nutrition   plan burns body fat fast and targets stubborn fat by optimizing metabolism, fat cell function and the hormonal environment. Think of the plan as highly advanced yet simple to execute with flexibility of food choices which supports the necessary consistency of execution for rapid fat loss progress.

Every week we hear from clients who remark that their energy levels, absence of cravings/hunger and fat loss progress is better than ever and wishes they had started the KISS plan sooner. These benefits are achieved by consuming high amounts of grass fed beef and other organic food choices on a daily basis, combinations and timing of meals to achieve a proper balance of the factors which govern rates of fat loss, energy and appetite.

Physique Breakfast of Champions

We replace breakfast with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder on certain days of each week which work as a complete protein source to create a hormonal environment that is perfect for rapid fat burning while repairing muscle. Having no food from the end of your Dinner at 6-8 pm the night before all the way through lunch at noon the following day is 16-18 hours and creates a fat burning fire storm!

This is not just a matter of lowering calories, as that poor strategy alone can waste muscle and stall metabolism quickly. Each client will need a different schedule as to when the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder are used to accelerate fat burning by replacing breakfast based on a number of individual factors including training times, work schedules and more.
Food Allergies are Blocking Your Fat Loss Progress and Killing Energy Levels

Dropping pancakes, waffles and breakfast cereals in the morning leads to faster fast loss and no mid-morning energy crashes. This is a no brainer, however you would be surprised to know how many people who are making good breakfast choices such as eggs for example develop allergies which lead to sluggishness and downgraded fat burning for several hours.  Removing the foods that interfere with proper digestion allows the body to focus its energy on building muscle and burning fat at much faster rates!

Use a wide variety of grass fed and organically raised protein sources to avoid food allergies.  Rotating these great sources is a key to success and this will open your eyes to different food sources that you perhaps would otherwise not have considered.  Increased variety of food sources and cooking techniques also prevents nutrition boredom.

The first 14 days of the KISS plan shift the body to use more stored fat as fuel while stabilizing energy levels and appetite. We implement carbohydrate cycling during weeks 3 and 4 which creates and even faster rate of fat loss compared to the first two weeks of the plan as metabolic and hormonal momentum builds. Pending the client individual needs we will implement a variety of macronutrient cycling strategies to prevent metabolic staleness, increase fat burning enzymes and to optimize fat burning hormones. You simply cannot follow the same nutrition guidelines without strategic adjustments or your progress will stall within a month.

Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis for a great Physique

Best of all losing body fat the right way will enable you to keep body fat levels low for the long term. Most “diet” plans are poorly designed and result in a rebound of body fat more than 90% of the time due to muscle wasting and elevated stress hormones.

Trick the Brain into Burning More Stored Fat As Fuel

The large amount of proprietary Free Form Amino Acid content within 5 scoops the Muscle Synthesis Powder can increase protein synthesis levels more than a 850 calorie meal according to recent published research. 100% MR is a powerful anti-catabolic agent which accelerates the recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system while working synergistically with the Muscle Synthesis to improve body composition when taken around training and between meals. Additionally the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder combination has no caloric burden while sending signals to the brain that a huge volume of food has been consumed which sky rockets metabolism with nothing to burn except the stored fat sitting on top of your abs.

Will you Perform High Intensity Exercise 5 times Per week to Accelerate Fat Burning?

High Intensity exercise sessions such as Rapid Paced Weight Training and interval sprints performed for a total of 5 times per week ensures that metabolism is constantly elevated over a 7 day period. Consistent training creates a euphoric feeling which helps to reduce cravings for bad food choices. Now the question becomes- Will you push yourself to train 5 times weekly on a consistent basis in pursuit of your goals?
Crushing Cravings and Enjoy your BBQs

Alpha Omega M3 cleanses fat cells so they can burn more stored fat as fuel while optimizing insulin sensitivity.  Dr. Serrano spent years researching and testing the proprietary ratios of ingredients and found that the when consumed with large meals the Alpha Omega M3 help to keep insulin levels in check which prevents body fat storage even when a large volume of food is consumed.  We schedule large loading meals made up of good food choices to increase metabolism, provide a big mental lift and to support macronutrient cycling strategies without slowing down fat loss.

Summer Sizzle Is Here- there is no more time to waste with lousy training and nutrition plans.

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