Update- 70 Pounds of Fat Burned!! 40 pound Fat Loss in 6 weeks with Customized Program

Infinity Fitness Consultation Success

40 pounds of Fat Loss in 6 weeks with Infinity Fitness Customized Training and Nutrition Programs!

Update:  as of 9/23/2013 Josie has lost 70 pounds of body fat while increasing energy levels and strength!

Just a few short months ago I was floundering around trying to start a exercise regimen. I was out of shape, overweight and felt out of control. To make matters worse I had sprained my knee during too vigorous of a Jazzercise workout. I happened to mention my pain and frustration to a business colleague of mine, Bryan G, who I know is a person that takes fitness seriously. Bryan recommended that I contact Scott H. Mendelson of Infinity Fitness and provided me with his contact information.

He explained that I was doing too much cardio and not enough muscle building and that Scott could help me get on a fitness program to help me with my goals. I contacted Scott and he sent me a questionnaire that helped him to understand what he needed to put together for a personal fitness plan for me to lose fat and build muscle. He then sent me a 6 week weight training chart to use as my guide and outlined a meal program to follow. 

I would alternate weight training and bicycling (one of my favorite means of exercise) every other day. Along with these guidelines he recommended that I add the dietary supplements Muscle Synthesis Powder and 100% MR to help aide in Rapid Fat Loss/Muscle Recovery and Alpha Omega M3 to help with metabolism.

It is nearing the end of the first  6 weeks and I cannot begin to describe the metamorphosis that I have experienced!

I have dropped 40 lbs and and 4 dress sizes, I feel energetic and alive again! My business has benefited because of my increased energy and newly gained positive outlook. I never tire of how many people compliment me each day. I tell them all about the program and now my husband has decided that he is going to have Scott help him as well.

I cannot say enough about how happy I am with the Infinity Fitness Consulation and the program Scott has put together for me, it has changed my life for the better forever.  I look forward to the next 6 weeks of training and the rest of my fit life. Thank you Scott!

Josie R New Jersey 05/21/2013 Infinity Fitness Consultation Client

Blast Stubborn Fat with Fat Reduce FBO5

Hormones Govern Fat Loss- Fat Reduce FBO5 Unlocks Your Full Potential

Fat Reduce FBO5 Blasts Trouble Spot Fat
Fat Reduce FBO5 Blasts Trouble Spot Fat

The public has little understanding of hormones and how they govern the actions of the human machine. Testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, thyroid, insulin, etc amounts and ratios will ultimately determine if you are fat, ripped, strong, weak, lethargic and so on. Intense examinations of blood work reveal the complex hormonal cascades that can be specifically correlated to trouble body fat levels. Where you are storing body fat will tell you what hormones must be addressed through nutrition, supplementation and training strategies. Tracking the progress of each of these sites with an accurate caliper body fat testing device will help you monitor the progress of each individual site providing powerful insight needed to make needed to make to make refinements to your routines.  Read more HERE

Going from 15% to 6% Body Fat Fast!

I always had the goal of getting to a ripped 6% body fat level. After many years without success I turned to Scott H. Mendelson to see if he could help. Under Scott’s guidance, I finally achieved my goal and have not looked back. Now Scott is helping me build muscle without adding body fat.

Scott’s customized plans provide the necessary road map to achieve your goals. Under Scott’s guidance, I have achieved success with both building muscle and losing fat. Scott gives you the diet and training tools that not only are flexible to life’s challenges, but actually work!

- Justin P 12/04/2011 Pictured above



KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Videos

Watch Scott H. Mendelson explain the fat burning benefits of the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.  Kiss Rapid Fat Loss Plan  Part 1   Part 2

KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan
Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis around training and between meals to accelerate fat burning around the clock!

Lose 10-20 lbs of FAT in 30 days with the Kiss Rapid Fat Loss Plan  Part 1   Part 2

Email Scott@infinityfitness.com for your free copy of the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.




  • Easy To Execute at home or while traveling
  • Works Quickly to Boost Motivation Levels
  • Eliminates Cravings
  • Supports High Energy Levels
  • Attacks Stubborn Body Fat
  • Prevents Hunger

Optimize Insulin Sensitivity to Burn 10-20 lbs of Fat in 30 Days

“I can tell who has been naughty with eating over the holidays by evaluating insulin levels during January blood work. Insulin sensitivity is negatively impacted even weeks after the bad food choices. To lose 10-20 lbs of fat in 30 to 60 days we prioritize optimizing insulin sensitivity and fat cell function with the Kiss Fat Loss Nutrition Plan, specific training strategies and Alpha Omega M3 so patients can burn fat fast” Eric Serrano MD

The KISS plan starts each day with a modified fast by drinking 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis first thing in the morning to pump energy and fat burning! Eliminating refined foods, increasing good dietary fat intake, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce FBO5, and exercising with a high level of intensity 5 times per week are vital for dropping the first 10 lbs of lard in 30 days or less.

Around The World Upper Back Exercise Video

Watch Dr. Eric Serrano instruct a patient perform the Around the World Exercise complex to create a well-defined an injury free torso.  Upper back weakness is a common cause of shoulder pain and poor performance.

We focus on fixing weak links ASAP to prevent injuries long before they take place!  Consider how much more pressing you have done vs. pulling over the course of your training career and as a result you are likely to have several imbalances that need to be corrected so you can reach your full potential.

see many more exercise video clips with expert instruction at http://www.infinityfitness.com/videos/exer.htm

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Improve Marathon Times!

At the age of 45, I just set a PR at the Boston Marathon of 3:10

I have been working with Scott Mendelson and using Infinity Fitness products for several years.  As a competitive distance runner, I have found the products imperative for my performance and recovery.  The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powders are critical for my recovery after hard workouts, especially on days that require a long run of 10 plus miles followed by a strength workout.

I have also seen my half marathon and full marathon times improve as I am able to train at the highest level due to my faster recovery times.  At the age of 45, I just set a PR at the Boston Marathon of 3:10.  The Alpha Omega M3 are also part of my daily regime and an important supplement to keep me injury free.  I would highly recommend Infinity Fitness products to any endurance athlete who is looking to take their races to the next level and insure consistent, injury-free training cycles.  Janice P May 02 2013