Fat Reduce FBO5 New and Improved

Fat Reduce Night Time FBO5 for Rapid Fat Loss and Great Sleep

Fat Reduce Night Time FBO5™ for Rapid Fat Loss and Great Sleep

Fat Reduce FBO5 New and Improved for Rapid Fat Loss, Balanced Daily Energy, Improved Performance and Cravings Elimination.

Eric Serrano MD Recently reformulated the Fat Reduce Night Time formula based on updated scientific literature and extensive patient blood work reviews.

Fat Reduce Day Time and Night Time formulas Support Rapid Fat Loss with FBO5™ technology!

  • Hormonal Optimization to break-through the most significant barriers to fat loss.
  • Increased Mobilization of Stored Fat as Fuel
  • Metabolic Enhancement- Increase Caloric Expenditure by an average of over 400 Calories per day!
  • Improved Energy, Mood and Emotional Control to Eliminate Food Cravings
  • Rock Solid Sleep to Make you Feel Like a Million Bucks every morning!

Dr. Serrano why is it so hard to lose body fat?

Scott people are taking a backwards approach to fat loss, they count calories and exercise until they drop but never consider what is going on behind the scenes.  Food choices, genetics, exercise and HORMONES will determine if you lose body fat, how much and in what time frame.  Think of hormones as the directors inside the body, I do not want to get too complicated here, but consider that the body has a hormonal reaction to everything you do and you must send the right signals if you want the body to reduce stored fat.

Wait a minute I want to add to that, hormones will also dictate how much body fat you can keep off, if you starve yourself into fat loss- the body will fight for survival by slowing down metabolism and increasing all fat storage mechanisms to preserve you through a famine.   We are almost genetically identical to what we were over a 100,000 years ago and back them we were concerned with survival and not looking good.  As a result a majority of people will suffer from rebound meaning they can lose body fat, but end up gaining it back and then some following a diet.

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Fat Reduce Day Time FBO5 for Rapid Fat Loss and balanced Energy

Fat Reduce Day Time FBO5™ for Rapid Fat Loss and balanced Energy