Fat Cell Cleansing- For Permanent Fat Loss

Scott what is the best way to kick start fat loss for a guy like me who is highly stressed working long hours? Every time things get tough at work or home it seems my gut grows over night. My wife has the same problem except she packs on the fat in the lower body. I would give anything just to have a six pack and my wife refuses to wear a bathing suit even though she looks great except for a few trouble spots.Noora Looks Great- You can too!

Noora has cleansed her fat cells!

Optimize Fat Cell Function to Get Rid of Belly Fat Forever!

Fat Cells have two settings much like a Vacuum Cleaner. They can be stuck on suck up mode to grab everything available in the blood stream to build up fat storage levels for the dreaded swollen look just like the vacuum bag. Or the reverse setting to kick out as much stored garbage as possible to be metabolized as fuel. You can do most things right with diet and exercise and still not experience much success if the fat cells are not operating correctly for a number of reasons. Optimizing fat cell raw material levels as well as hormonal status through saturation of the vital ingredients within the Alpha Omega M3 and you are on your way to rapid fat loss with the ability to keep it off Permanently.

Dr. Serrano's Alpha Omega M3- the Ultimate Fat Loss Weapon

Stress Activates Fat Storage Receptors

For you and anyone else who is stressed, program design is absolutely critical, not something you can figure out on your own. Stressed people are very sensitive to carb intake since stress hormones negatively impact insulin sensitivity and as a result the metabolic environment is primed to store carbs as fat instead of burning them as fuel. Training volume must also be kept in check due to the negative impact elevated stress hormones have on recovery. Even the slightest program refinements emphasizing intensity over volume are crucial to your success. The hormonal environment typical of your situation must be addressed by shutting off the receptors driving fat storage which for men are plentiful in the abdominal region.

Hey Ladies!

Women have a higher density of fat storage receptors in the buttocks and thighs while some will also store in the mid section as well. A traditional approach of low caloric intake and a high volume of exercise will not solve the problem, in most cases it makes things much worse!

Cleansing The Fat Cell

There are many misconceptions about body fat- it is made up of billions of fat cells, some we are born with and others created by bad food choices such as corn oil used in frying and trans fats within a countless number of packaged goods you have consumed over your life time. Trans fats were designed to extend shelf life and to lower the fat intake on food labels leading consumers to believe items are “diet friendly” choices. Nothing could be further from the truth as in actuality these fake fats are very hard to get rid of. Doughnuts you consumed years ago and last week have left a trail of trouble that you must clean up to restore proper fat cell function. Otherwise progress will be painfully slow.

Why Binging On The Wrong Foods Causes Long Term Damage

Highly stressed people often binge and their sources are typically highly refined foods which have tons of fat storing attributes, but the trouble does not end there. The left over toxins, trans fats etc lodge in the fat cells forcing an unwanted expansion and inhibit the use of stored materials as fuel. The best way to get these cells back into fat burning mode is to purge the garbage with a high dosage of Alpha Omega M3 to not only change the raw material landscape, but to also optimize the hormonal environment- limiting the fat storing impact of stress. Optimizing insulin sensitivity can stop hunger and cravings in their tracks quickly getting rid of the greatest barriers to success.

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Ready to Optimize Fat Cells For Rapid Fat Burning?



First 2 weeks 9-12 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

Following 2 weeks 6-9 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

Following 4 weeks 3-6 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals


First 2 weeks 6-9 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

Following 2 weeks 6 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

Following 4 weeks 3-6 Alpha Omega Daily split over meals

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