Shut Off Fat Storage Receptors

Scott  you were kind enough to take my phone call out of the blue earlier this week to explain many things including the role of fat storage receptors, but I was looking for some more information about this topic as I believe it may be one of the factors that is making it difficult for me to break that 10% body fat barrier.  Greg

Greg great question and yes I agree that status of the fat storage receptors is a problem that you will need to solve to get into the single digit body fat % range so that six pack will show.  You have a pretty high level of stress as you ranked it 8 out of 10 on average.  As a result elevated stress hormones activate fat storage receptors which have the highest concentration in the mid section for men which is one reason why I hear the following several times per day from new clients.  “I am lean everywhere except this 10-20 lbs hanging on my gut”

Cleary Her Fat Storage Receptors Are Shut OFF!

Noora's Fat Storage Receptors are Shut off!

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Get Rid of That Fat Belly

It is no secret that Men store body fat in the mid section while Women tend to pack it on hips and buttocks. These areas contain more body fat storage receptors than anywhere else on the body and can be activated by certain signals.

Your High Stress Levels Support Fat Storage

Stress (elevated cortisol levels) is perhaps the most menacing hormonal signal of many as the body believes famine is near- as a result fat storage is accelerated to preserve survival. You can counter the fat storing instincts of the body by Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis. Taken between meals and around workouts these specially designed formulas will make the brain believe huge amounts of food are being ingested causing a metabolic surge to burn the “phantom” food. Despite the lack of caloric vale the aminos provide a huge anabolic punch accelerating fat loss, recovery and performance.

Deactivating Fat Storage Receptors

I became interested in hormones many years ago as they govern all body composition and performance progress. Following the evaluation of tens of thousands of blood test results I was able to determine the optimal ratios of hormones to support maximum fat burning, and that was the easy part. Developing a formula to create these optimal hormonal changes was the big challenge. Along with proper nutrition, exercise and life style management Fat Reduce has consistently improved the fat loss fortunes of trainees wanting to get to single digit body fat levels with a great set of abs. We conducted a 30 day trial a few years ago which demonstrated an average increase of over 400 calories in daily expenditure and follow up blood work revealed great improvements. Most importantly the participants lost a tremendous amount of body fat and some of these trial participants had been struggling for years to break plateaus.

Deep Sleep Sets The Table for Rapid Progress

Fat Reduce PM was designed to lower stress in the evening to support an easy transition into a deep level of sleep and to accelerate fat burning. Do not underestimate the importance of restful sleep which is vital for hormonal recuperation. Clients tell us within a week they wake up feeling well rested with greatly improved daily energy. Increased daily energy results in better food choices and exercise performance based on years of feedback collection. Several research studies demonstrate that in adequate sleep will lead to depressed levels of fat burning hormones.

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