Building Biceps Peaks

At least a couple times per week callers ask me for top biceps development exercises and strategies to accelerate their progress.  While the strategies by way of sets, reps, tempo and rest can vary widely for individual needs, introducing new movements is crucial for success in all cases.

Here are a couple of my favorites in no particular order based on their efficiency and overall success produced for my clients over the years.  Fixing weak links to improve strength levels and optimize development is a top priority when designing routines for clients.  9 times out of 10 a new client has done standing or seated curls until the cows come home with little or no variety.  As a result strategic weaknesses will be in place limiting their success.

Seated DB Off Set Grip Curl- Great for the Biceps as well as forearm development

Seated Long Head Curl- Awesome contraction of the Biceps Peak!

For the fastest rates of progress Amino Load with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis before, during and immediately after training to flood muscles with the perfect ratios of raw materials needed for accelerated growth and repair.

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Revolutionary New Water Bottle Makes Amino Loading Anywhere Easy

Get your free bottle with purchase of $250 or more before May 31 2012 or while supplies last
Get your free bottle with purchase of $250 or more before May 31 2012 or while supplies last

Executing a training, nutrition and supplement plan poses some challenges while on the run, but nothing that you cannot handle.  I have helped clients find ways to stay on track with strategies to overcome common barriers.  Keep in mind that consistency of execution is a key to both short and long term success no matter what your goals.

The Best Water Bottle Ever Invented

My business traveling clients especially have benefited from a special water bottle with storage compartments perfect for 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder as well as a separate compartment for capsules with a great divider that can be used for Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce or Muscle Synthesis capsules.  The main cylinder acts as a shaker with a great blending feature that can be removed and washed any time.  Get one of these water bottles free with any order over $250 by May 31 2012 or while promotional supplies last.

Amino Loading on the Run Made Easy

Many of my clients on the run have transitioned to Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis instead of breakfast and find this special water bottle to be very helpful as they can add the powder when ready to drink on a plane, in a cab or just about anywhere.  Amino Loading not only helps with fat burning, but keeps stress levels in check and mental focus razor sharp.

Do Not Let Stress Destroy Your Success

During years of research working with clients from all walks of life, the number one trigger to bad food choices and a lack of exercise was elevated stress.  Dr. Serrano and I have both found through years of feedback that the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis crush cravings while improving energy which helps people stay on track with their programs.

Belly Fat Slashing Special Report

Men have a high density of fat storage receptors around the gut and love handles which are activated by elevated stress hormones such as cortisol. Excessive steady state cardio and low food intake drive cortisol levels even higher compounding the problem. So yes some of your steps have actually set your progress back. Our clients do fantastically well slashing body fat with interval sprints done in a variety of formats and not a single minute of steady state cardio.

“You can train hard and eat “right” for months with NO results or even experience a back slide in progress if the hormonal profile is a mess. Take the correct steps to naturally optimize your hormonal profile and every bit of hard work will pay off.” Eric Serrano MD

Your nutrition and supplement plan must be structured to meet your needs and goals as you are highly carb sensitive since insulin sensitivity is negatively impacted by stress and sub optimal sleep cycles. Poor insulin sensitivity results in an over secretion of the powerful fat storing hormone insulin every time you eat. Intake of refined carbs often craved by people under stress support rapid fat storage. Dr. Serrano’s Alpha Omega M3 is a great tool for changing your fat burning fortunes through several pathways.

Read More of the belly fast slashing special report

Get one of these water bottles free with any order over $250 by May 31 2012 or while promotional supplies last. 


Cheat Meal Strategies for Firing Up Metabolism and Preventing Body Fat Accumulation

Cheat the right way or you will end up looking like this guy!
Cheat the right way or you will end up looking like this guy!

Cheat Meals are an important part of a success strategy for my clients to promote overall diet compliance and fire up the metabolism.  There are some rules that we put in place to promote success based on many years of experience using various techniques.  Here are some basic tips to help you enjoy Memorial Day weekend without piling on the body fat!

Never Use a Cheat Meal as the First Meal of the Day

Weight Train with a high volume program before Cheat Meals to fire up Metabolism and prevent body fat storage

Avoid fried foods, trans fats and high fructose corn syrup which can screw up the rate of fat burning for many days following consumption.

Always use Alpha Omega M3 with Cheat Meals to interfere with body fat accumulation through several important pathways

Minimize Alcohol consumption which is easily converted to stored fat

Customized Nutrition programs involve more detailed cheat meal strategies designed to prevent metabolic staleness, increase fat burning enzymes and optimize fat burning hormones.  These meals also fuel intense training sessions and provide a huge mental lift.

Do Not Fat Storage Snow Ball!

A few consecutive meals including poor food choices such as refined carbs, fried items and more can quickly snow ball into a fat gaining disaster by surging fat storing insulin levels while sucking down a large volume of garbage that is easily converted to stored fat.  The longer the poor eating goes on the greater the increase in insulin levels as this can compound daily until you reach a point where your flat stomach quickly turns into a Bowl full of Jelly!  The vicious cycle is made worse by the associated drop in energy levels that drives hunger and intense cravings while destroying motivation to exercise, a status much like being possessed by a demon telling you it is ok to ruin your body with days of bad food choices.

Do Not Stuff your Fat Cells with Junk!

Weight training before consuming meals high in carbohydrate and calorie intake is a metabolic game changer and one of the leading methods for managing insulin sensitivity making it a crucial element to success.  The strategic ratios of essential fats developed by Dr. Serrano within the Alpha Omega M 3 can help optimize insulin levels pushing a high percentage of the raw materials into muscles to support rapid recovery instead of swelling up your fat cells.  Saturating your fat cells with higher dosages of Alpha Omega on specific days creates a powerful body fat storage barrier through multiple proven pathways. 

 Read about revolutionary Fat Cell Cleansing for Rapid Fat Loss.

Dr. Serrano’s take on Preventing Body Fat Accumulation

“I have patients who like to eat like crazy over holidays so we have conducted a few experiments recently using the Alpha Omega M3 to block fat storage.  2 groups of patients were instructed to eat whatever they wanted for an entire week while 1 group exercised daily and used 9 Alpha Omega per day.  The other group did nothing but sit on the couch.  The Alpha Omega group did not gain a significant amount of body fat while the other experienced huge increases in body fat (8 lbs or more in only a week).  The concentration of the new fat accumulation were in areas I associate with poor insulin management based on years of conducting elaborate blood work testing reviews. ” Eric Serrano MD


How Will You Look this Weekend at The Pool or Beach?

How will you look on the Beach?

How will You look on the Beach This Summer?

Memorial Day is the kick off for Summer Outdoor Fun, but this not the case for those who do not feel comfortable in their own excess skin.

How you look with your bathing suit on becomes a harsh reality for those who are not in the physical condition they would like.

If you are not happy with the way you look, then do not settle for poor results.  Take a stand by making strategic change.  Notice the word strategic; meaning changes that make sense for you needs and not done at random.  When was the last time you over hauled your nutrition and training plan?  Just because a plan worked for you in the past, does not mean it will be effective now.  Conditions change quickly requiring new tactics to keep progress moving quickly.

There are two ways to proceed.

1. Repeat failed strategies from the past.

2. Identify the methods needed to promote your rapid success.

There is no shortage of people working hard in the gym while following a strict diet, but without the right methods their hard work will only take them so far.

Check out the consultation section of where you can see client success stories and pictures.  As they say- a picture says a thousand words, check out the before/after pictures of my 47 year old client Dan who make dramatic changes in just 12 weeks.

Customized consultation programs ensure client success not only by building an excellent plan, but also by making adjustments based on client feedback and progress.

Take Action!

It is not too late, in 30 days you can make great progress by reducing body fat, water weight and bloating to create a dramatically different appearance.   Based on many years of experience clients who consistently execute a plan for  90 days will see much faster rates of progress during the second and third month of a plan in comparison to the first.


It takes time to build Metabolic and Hormonal momentum towards your goals.  You must consistently (nobody is perfect) execute the correct training, nutrition and recovery plan to support your specific needs.   A great plan does not need to take over your life.  My clients in most cases spend less time in the gym with one of my routines than what they were using previously.  Our focus on high quality over quantity is not only a great time saver, but also a key to increasing fat burning hormones!

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Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Swirl Get Lean Protein Recipe

Get Lean Protein is a meal replacement or snack powerhouse great for burning fat and accelerating the repair of muscles.  It also serves as a great tool to knock out your sweet tooth cravings combined with ingredients you have around your house.

Dr. Serrano designed the Get Lean Protein to not only provide an easily digestible source of protein, but to also improve body composition and performance by way of it’s proprietary ingredients including Colostrum and Glycine.  There is no whey, casein or other common dairy ingredients that often cause bloating which is a sign of poor nutrient utilization.

Learn more about Get Lean Here

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Swirl

6 to 12 scoops Get Lean Protein

1-2  tablespoons organic Peanut butter

1/2-1 Frozen Banana


All placed in a high Speed Blender.  You may need to add some water to reached the desired consistency during the blending process.

Take 3 Alpha Omega M3 with the great tasting shake to help force raw materials into muscles instead of fat cells!  The powerful combination of essential fats can help to reduce the negative impact of any sugar content as it relates to body fat storage.

Eating “Clean” is NOT Enough To Earn a Low Body Fat %

Eating “clean” is a relative term depending on who you ask, but let’s define this as a diet free of junk food, processed foods, bread, pasta, trans fats etc.

Cleaning up the nutrition plan is a  great step towards lowering body fat levels while improving energy and performance, however eating “clean” alone is not enough to earn a low body fat %.  This time of year many people who started a fat loss effort around the New Year hit a massive plateau with their progress despite consistent execution of their nutrition and exercise plan.

Busting through the plateau to keep fat loss going requires a sound strategy in place to manipulate the amounts of food, combinations and timing to support specific goals such as losing body fat.

The good news is that in our experience, the right changes to the nutrition plan will lead do a 2-4% drop in body fat in 30 days with a big boost in energy.  This translates to a 4 to 12 lb loss for an average person with a relatively low body fat level.  Those with higher body fat levels will have an even faster burn rate in many cases.

Just like training, the body will adapt relatively quickly to stimuli you provide through the diet.

Leslie Looks great
Leslie Changes up her nutrition plan every 3 months to prevent plateaus

Macronutrient Cycling is the strategic manipulation of dietary fats, proteins and carbohydrates to prevent metabolic staleness, increase fat burning enzymes and optimize fat burning enzymes.  While this sounds complicated, we have made these concepts very easy for our clients to implement by changing up the food sources on certain days to achieve these benchmarks.

Email  with questions about your specific situation.

Check out this article link below by Eric Serrano MD discussing macronutrient cycling in detail along with a sample nutrition plan.  Ladies keep in mind that these fat loss concepts also apply to women and while men can gain a significant amount of lean muscle with this type of plan, this is not a concern for women who do not possess the same DNA or hormonal make up needed to “accidentally pack on muscle”


The Simplest Way to lose 5-10lbs of Body Fat in 30 days

Replace your Breakfast by Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis.

This proven tool works very well for Men and Women while preventing hunger and driving up mental energy without stimulants.  For the fastest rate of progress you must optimize the entire nutrition and training plan in addition to replacing breakfast.  Keep checking the blog for more effective tips!

By : Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

I have not eaten breakfast for 10 years and starting now is not possible with the million things I have going on first thing in the morning.   I have a hard time making progress with body comp, low morning energy and strength, what is the next best thing?  a protein shake of some sort?

We are not big fans of using protein shakes first thing in the am especially if they are dairy based since so many people have allergies to them which can present as fatigue, bloating, stomach upset and a lack of energy.  The worst thing you can do to start your day is consume items that do not agree with your system.   Eliminating these allergens is the key to having a high morning energy level, otherwise prepare for a very rough start in many ways.   

 Male and Female Fat Loss- FAST

Our clients have had great success Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to replace breakfast. with using Amino Acid Loading buys 2 to 3 productive hours or possibly longer if fat loss is the goal,  before you would need to eat a solid food meal. Our Male clients have seen big increases in energy, reductions in body fat and increased  muscle mass with this simple tactic.  Females have seen dramatic decreases in body fat by Amino Loading instead of breakfast and between meals later in the day.

Following an overnight fast of many hours the body needs quickly absorbed nutrients to set an anabolic agenda for the next 24 hours. Remember anabolism supports accelerated fat loss, muscle growth and improved performance.   The muscles need raw materials in an easily digestible form with rapid delivery not only to improve body composition, but also for a big mental lift as the right ratio of ingredients activate mental focus.  Stress levels are highest in the early morning for most people which is why there are more heart attacks on Monday morning in comparison to any other time in the week based on Dr. Serrano’s many years as an ER doctor.  That being said, keeping your stress levels in check will help you lead a better a life in more ways than one!

 Breakfast of Physique Champions

The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis fit exactly what you want first thing in the am and are easily portable requiring no more preparation than adding water.  100% MR raises insulin just enough to push the growth factors within the Muscle Synthesis into the Muscles.  Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body playing an important role in the storage of nutrients.  The absence of any food first thing in the am makes no materials available to be converted into stored fat making the insulin spike beneficial in several ways.  Amino acids send powerful signals to the brain and the unique combination within The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis makes the brain believe a large amount of food has been consumed.  As a result metabolic rate is boosted through the roof, but there is nothing to burn except stored fat since the Amino Acids have little caloric value. 

The proprietary ratios exclusive to the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis were developed by Dr. Serrano based on years of research and extensive patient trials including body composition testing, muscle biopsies, performance reviews, hormonal blood work and more.

 The Perfect Brain Fuel

The right combinations of amino acids provide ideal fuel for the brain allowing for a steady level of mental energy with razor sharp concentration.  Why?  Amino Acids are a source for the creation of neurotransmitters.

Time to Eat

When you do have an opportunity to eat start the day off with large amounts of organic protein and dietary fat sources.  If you have been eating eggs every morning for an extended period of time, it is time to rotate off for a few months to get rid of any allergies that may be in place.  Try consuming chicken sausage, turkey bacon, grass fed beef and other protein sources.  Ideally this meal would be bigger than lunch and dinner so the body has ample nutrients through the day.

Keep carbohydrates to a minimum at this meal when wanting to maximize body fat loss unless you trained first thing in the am.  Good carb sources to consider are oatmeal, berries and grapefruit.  Alpha Omega M3 with meals is crucial to optimize fat burning through several pathways which we will discuss in future posts.  Your highest carbohydrate consumption meal should always in include Alpha Omega M3 which helps to force more raw materials into muscles instead of fat cells!


1 1/4 DB Presses for Rapid Chest Development

The first question I ask on a consultation questionairre is client goals followed by body parts in need of prioritization.  Frequently my male clients in particular point out the chest as an area of priority.  One of the most successful exercises we have used for increasing lean muscle mass and strength are 1 1/4 DB Presses.  Click Here to see a video demonstration.

This special exercise execution forces the lower part of the range of motion to work much harder helping to increase stimulation of Pectoral muscle fibers.

1 1/4 presses are a great way to boost your bench press Strength.

Most trainees fail during the lower part of a bench press and this is due to weaknesses of the chest while the triceps are more closely related to the second half of the movement.

For tons of exercise video clips visit

Double Your Rate of Progress With the Success Calendar™

I – Scott H. Mendelson have spent many years working with clients as a training and nutrition consultant and have learned that the real rate of program compliance is often far less than what clients realize.  I invented the Success Calendar as a simple tool to track not only the consistency of client execution, but also the quality.

Email for you free copy of a Success Calendar™

99% of the time any client who is not making quick progress needs only to look at their level of compliance to find quick areas of improvement.  On a daily basis I ask some clients to score themselves with a 1, 2 or 3 for a few categories.  A 3 represents perfect execution on this scoring scale and the most common areas to track are nutrition, training and recovery factors such as supplementation, sleep, stress reduction etc.

Going over the Success Calendar with some clients is a real eye opener as they clearly realize that their compliance may be under 50%!  There is no way to know without tracking these issues on paper and not going by memory.

So ask yourself over the last 7 days have you perfectly executed your nutrition, training and recovery plan?  If not there is room to improve as weekly scores over 90% lead to rapid progress and over 95% will put you in the fast lane to your dream body ASAP.

Scoring the nutrition plan is pretty cut and dry in most cases, did you make proper food choices or not?  Quality of execution often comes into play with training as it relates to the effort put towards each workouts.   Did you arrive at the gym to improve on the prior session performance?  Did you stay focused throughout the workout to push the limits of your success?  If not, then do not score yourself with a 3.  Showing up at the gym is only worthy of a 1 score in my book!

email for you free copy of a Success Calendar™


Cutting Edge Fat Reduce Interview with Dr. Serrano

Leslie is Looking Great, so can you!

Leslie is Looking Great, so can you!

Learn How to Rapidly Reduce Body Fat- Permanently! by Reading this interview with Leading Nutrition Expert Dr. Eric Serrano MD HERE

“Safely achieving rapid fat loss has been a focus of my medical practice for over 15 years and the road blocks to body fat reduction are almost always lifestyle, sluggish metabolic rates,  poor insulin sensitivity, and elevated stress hormones!” Eric Serrano MD

Fat Reduce is not your average fat burner, designed to blast through common barriers to Fat Loss.  A vast majority of fat burners are nothing more than powerful stimulants. Fat Reduce can help clients lose body fat very quickly by optimizing the factors that govern fat loss including hormones, metabolism, fat burning pathways and more.

Fat Reduce includes an AM and PM formula which are taken at specific times to optimize fat burning for those conditions.  The PM formula is designed to help you transition into a restful sleep by lowering stress levels.  Waking up each day feeling more well rested is a clear sign the body is operating optimally which allows the system to use more stored fat as fuel.

The Day Time formula can increase mental focus in addition to fat burning without making you feel like jumping out for your skin.  Reductions for bad food cravings happen within days.